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Style 111075

URBAN Laptop Backpack

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Quick Overview

URBAN Laptop Backpack
17 inch Laptop
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Envelop Red

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  • Dedicated top loading laptop compartment fits most 17” laptops
  • Check point friendly feature with three zippered accessory pockets
  • Integrated foam panels keep your electronics and other valuables protected
  • Padded zippered slash pocket
  • Front pocket with two padded accessory compartments and a slip pocket
  • Deluxe organization panel with zippered stash pocket and file sleeves
  • Large main compartment with padded Ipad/tablet/E-Reader pocket
  • Padded back panel with air mesh for moisture wicking
  • Fully adjustable ergonomic shoulder straps
  • Dual side water bottle/accessory holders


  • 600D Polyester Oxford, 420 D Polyester Dobby


  • Dimensions: 19.5" H x 13.5" W x 9.5" D
  • Weight: 2.3 Lbs.
  • Capacity: 2350 Cubic Inches
  • Laptop Pocket: 16.5"H x 11"W x 1.5"D

7 Customer Reviews

By: Katie P.


OGIO is the way to go!!

My mom bought me my first OGIO backpack when I headed to to college after high school. That backpack went through numerous airports on trips, plus two colleges, and even made it to my third college! It lasted 11 years before it finally started to wear through on the back! It was a great backpack with a pouch for my laptop and plenty of other pockets. Realizing that I needed a new backpack, I just had to stick with OGIO because of how great and durable my first one was! I LOVE my new backpack!

I've flown two roundtrips since getting it and used the Checkpoint Friendly feature one of those times. It was nice! I'm sure others will get more use out of that feature, but after removing my laptop for 11 years, it might take me awhile to get used to not having to remove it! I wanted a backpack with a lot of pockets and this one is OVERqualified for that! There are SO many pockets that I still have a few with nothing in them! A GREAT problem to have!! The straps and back support make it super comfy, which is also something I find important!

All in all, I loved my old backpack and am so far completely loving my new one! Highly recommend!!

By: Johann


Just right

For an 81 year old male here in Iceland I find it the best one thus far on various trips to see the glaciers, hot springs, historic sights, etc. I wouldn't mind having a place for my business card to verify it is mine. I just have to remove a label off an old suitcase.

It holds quite a bit and is still compact enough to have it close by when you travel. Very comfortable on the back.

I had a smaller OGIO but a daughter liked it so much I let her keep it, and bought a larger one for myself. She uses hers like an extended handbag, also for shopping or toys for children.

By: Brian J.


Close to perfect...

This is very close to perfect. My few complaints are:

A) I wish it had "true" water bottle pockets. There ARE side pockets but they are zippered and it makes grabbing a bottle (or especially sliding it back in) a bit more of a hassle.

B) as someone said above, things sink to the bottom. Fill up this bag and you'll see, the top third of the bag is unused space. Not a big hassle (just strategically stack your items to maximize space), but a top pocket would've been nice!

C) This item has been listed on multiple websites as 2350 cubic inches but the tag it came with states it's 2050 cubic inches. That's a 300 difference. Which is it?

As you can see, these are minor gripes. The quality and construction are terrific. I absolutely LOVE the hard handle bar atop the bag. It makes carrying this bag so much easier. The straps and padding are SO comfortable. The are TOO many compartments, they sit empty (and that's a good problem to have)!

By: Jeffrey M


97% Perfect

I really like this bag, and it took me a LONG time to find one that I did really like (I'm kinda picky, sometimes...shoe shopping is bad, too!). I love all the pockets and pouches, although for me, I find that a couple are wasted, but I may find a later use for them, so not really a complaint. The bag is comfortable to wear...the extra padding on the back and shoulder straps is appreciated! My only real complaint is that the shoulder-strap adjustment clips don't hold any weight. The first time I adjusted the straps, the bag was empty, but the first time I put the bag on with anything in it, the straps slipped to the loosest position. I tried repeated to adjust them, and they kept falling. I finally had to sew them in place so they'd stay where I want them. Otherwise, I'm very pleased!

By: Lowry



This bag is very close to being exactly right. The only problems are: 1) the shoulder straps hit a little narrow on the inside of your shoulders and there isn't a cross brace for when you're carrying a lot (given how much it can hold it could be a little more heavy duty on weight distribution); and 2) everything sits at the bottom of the bag so the top 1/3 of the bag is wasted space. There is nothing to keep things up in this area, it needs some way to utilize this space ESPECIALLY for a laptop cord. My laptop cord sinks down to the bottom of the bag and takes up space I need for the 8 million books I carry. They could also make the very front pocket better suited to carrying the laptop cord. Also, the side pockets are not super useful, with a few tweaks and some mesh and elastic they could at least be multipurpose, they're not big enough for much or very well protected; if they were padded and had a business card or cellphone slot they'd be more useful.

I note from the description above that it claims to have a sternum strap but mine does not (nor does the one in the photo.

Okay, now that I complained a little: everything else about the bag is great. I've carried four law school texts and two supplements in this thing. I have the black one, it looks both snazzy and inconspicuous (helps both for professional purposes and for not-getting-stolen). This is my first backpack in 15 years and I don't feel embarrassed or like a kid when I'm using it, so good on. The laptop compartment is HUGE and very well padded. The best thing about is that it carries as much as the duffel bag backpacks but looks muuuuuch sleeker.

By: Jeffrey


Just a little more please!

All in all a pretty nice bag. At this price though, I would like a zippered mesh pocket and 2 more small pockets for business cards, iPhone/Pod/Pad attachments, and the like. I know more expensive packs offer these amenities, but $100 to $150 bucks is a bit much just to get 3 more pockets in just the right places! Step it up just a little more OGIO!

By: Brian


It's what I wanted

I'll start by saying I like the backpack. The color is better than what the photos show (envelop gray). I do wish there had been a few other choices in color. I am replacing a very old Ogio street and thus had high expectations. I wanted the TSA feature as well as a larger size. The downside to the newer backpacks is you can tell the inner dividers are not as thick and don't seem to be as durable. Also my old Street had a lot of inner zippers to keep things in the pockets, this new unit just has open pockets. All that said, what are you gonna do, it is what it is. BUT I would have paid more for these features if they had a backpack with them. Also, while a pocket for your cell phone is great, it does no good in a busy airport with the unit on your back. I would love to see a pocket on the strap so you could grab your phone while you have the backpack on. No comment on music cord management and phone/iPod placement. I use Bluetooth so I don't care, but it looks like cords might be an issue with the backpack on. The exterior is just as tough feeling as my old one, so I do expect it to last. To sum up, they could use a few refinements but all in all seems to be what I want. Too bad they don't accept photos here, I did some side by side photos for comparison. Lets see how it will do on the plane.

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