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Style 124022

Chamber Golf Cart Bag

17 Review(s)

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  • 14-way Diamond Performance cart top with advanced Silencer™ club protection membrane and integrated handles
  • ZBP™ (Zipperless Ball Pocket)
  • RPP™ (Red Protection Pocket) crush resistant molded EVA armored pocket
  • TORQ™ Strap
  • Cart strap channel
  • 10 pockets (9 zippered)
  • Insulated zippered cooler pocket
  • Weather-resistant fleece lined valuables pocket with cell phone sleeve


  • Weight: 9.8 Lbs.

10 Customer Reviews

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By: Ron S.


Nice bag, but it needs to go back to the drawing board.

Nice bag but, no carry handle on same side of shoulder strap. No exterior putter sleeve. No exterior umbrella sleeve (not just a strap at the top and bottom). Not very stable when standing up. Balls fall out of the spring loaded pocket, it needs a locking strap or something similar when transporting. Twice as heavy as a regular bag. I travel on golf trips a fair bit and these days with airline carriers charging for over 40 lbs. it's challenging to make weight with the bag at 13 lbs. alone. It's difficult to make the weight with clubs, shoes, balls, tees, towel and the travel bag. My old bag is 5 lbs. and has all the right features except the bottom locking system. Good effort but still needs tweeking for the price. I'm not sure how OGIO market research their products but most reviews have the same theme. Why?

By: Winston


Good Product

I love the silencer technology, but I echo a lot of the comments above which the product should look to improve on.

1. The ball holder pocket is not strong enough. If you lift it out of the car with the ball pocket facing down, it has opened up.
2. Cannot put a putter cover and can only put it on partially .
3. Shoulder straps would be nice.

By: Brian B.


Almost Perfect

After playing a full season with it I really love the silencer technology! My only draw backs I would warn people about are the weight of the bag, the fact it wont stand up very well, the ball pocket sucks and I don't like how when I haul it in my truck for some reason the clubs get compressed on each other and scratch the tops. The other problem is the clubs don't always clamp in the bottom. I'm currently looking to find a lighter bag but If you don't mind those issues this thing is really good!

By: Dave



I bought one recently with the OGIO 4 wheel cart.

The guy at the store told me OGIO put more thought into design than anyone else.

The buggy has straps that attach to the top of the bag. The whole thing folds up in one motion and the cart remains attached to the bag. Great theory. In practice it's heavy and awkward and there is nothing to lift with at the bottom. I use the handle of the zip pocket and the handle on the top side of the bag. The buggy has metal rods at the bottom so that when you rest the bottom end of the bag in the boot, the rods dig into the carpet and the whole thing won't slide. You have to lean over and jerk/lift from a very weak position to make it fit.

I endorse all the other comments....the silencer is great, the lack of an external putter pocket sucks. Also it doesn't accommodate a putter with a jumbo grip. I alternate putters, often i stick the putter in the long external pocket. The umbrella situation is hopeless, particularly with the OGIO buggy.

Surprised they haven't thought about a rain cover. To fit one you have to pull the bag off the buggy, fit the rain cover, then there is no way to reattach the straps at the top.

By: Buddy D


Great concept, but...

The chamber concept is terrific. Those clubs don't move, rattle or fall out.
Echo the above criticisms, and add another:
1. Carrying handle & shoulder strap . Need same side
2. Ball compartment
3. Needs separate EXTERNAL putter well. Cannot put cover on putter during round d/t space confines
4. Needs external umbrella well. Seriously? No consideration for rain
5. Stability (or lack thereof) of base. Will rarely stand unattended
The ONLY thing going for this bag is the locking concept of the chambers.

By: Yu


a few changes would make this bag perfect

The silencer works perfect, and I enjoy the Zipperless ball pocket. I wouldn't suggest putting all your balls in there; just have a sleeve or two for emergency.

The two things that I would change would be 1.) the strap and handle and 2.) the bottom of the bag

I do not like how the shoulder strap and main handle are on opposite sides of each other. When I put my bag down, I like to have one hand on the handle for stability. Instead, the TORQ Strap in on the same side with the shoulder strap. You do not want to hold your bag with the TORQ Strap because it can snap off

The bottom of the bag is transparent, which makes it cool. But I'm a little paranoid that if I drop the bag too hard, it might crack.



Very Good

Top quality bag , good storage . Very disappointed with drinks pocket as will not hold 500ml water or energy drinks bottles , only coke size cans which do not reseal so could have a sticky end !

By: Richard


Great but needs one tweak

I like my Chamber bag, but the zipperless ball pocket isn't strong enough to stay clasp properly. If you put more than a few balls, it stretches out. Make it a zipper pouch, or snap, or something better, and you have a 10 out of 10.

By: Frank


Best bag I have ever owned!

I love this bag. Everything fits nicely. I have room for all my clubs, gloves, golf balls, scorecard, shoes, tees, and little odds and ends. I especially like the rubberized cart strap. No more shifting and sliding of the bag when the golf cart sees some "off-roading" while searching for the ball.

By: Ted


Great bag but room for improvement

I'm really enjoying my Chamber cart bag but there are a few things that need improvement. (4+ months of use 5X a week golf or practice). I bought one for me and my wife. I had previously been using a Bennington Quiet Organizer bag (7 years), also a quiet bag but the Chamber bag is more quiet.
Pros: I love the design and quality of the Ogio and I like the crush proof pocket. It's also lightweight for a cart bag. I like the towel strap and the handles making for easy lifting. Also the ACID is a nice design, my wife likes hers as well. no pink needed, the white and lime green is pleasing to her. And of course the biggest reason.. this bag is QUIET when riding in a cart or car. More quiet then Bag Boy and Bennington.
It really protects most clubs from rubbing, except a mallet putter. I had to buy a new putter and keep the cover on to keep from rubbing on nearby clubs. Or.. keep my putter head cover on all the time. There are a lot of "pros" to to this bag. It is a well thought out bag and great quality except.........
The cons:
1. The bag falls over on it's face to easy. The base needs to be a little wider. I'm tired of constantly having to watch it and make sure its perfectly balanced before I walk away. One little bump and it falls over.
A wider base would solve this problem. I almost returned the
2: The unzipped ball pocket drops balls to easy. The weight of the balls opens the pocket to easy and balls fall out. Especially when taking it in and out of my trunk. It gets caught on things to easy and balls fall out. Or just carrying it off the course. Any more then 12 balls in the pocket the pocket can't handle the weight. I would prefer a zipper or stronger elastic to hold that pocket closed.
3. The Chamber does not hold tight women's clubs. Perhaps it's the smaller diameter grips and shafts and length. It barely works for ladies clubs. They don't lock in, and if short clubs...(standard ladies size) some won't reach the bottom locking chamber. I wish Ogio would make a specific Chamber bag for ladies.
4: No specific putter well. I wish there was an outside putter well. Doesn't even have to lock in the chamber. Some simple straps holding the putter making it easier to get in and out would be nice. Like the BagBoy and Bennington bags.
5. The insulated pockets could be bigger or improved, but at least they are there.

I do enjoy Ogio products and i'm happy with my purchase of two $300 cart bags. I'm also buying two of Ogio's travel golf bags and I have lots of there high quality golf clothes. This company is making some great designs. But I will not upgrade my golf bags unless some changes are made. And if you can hold out until 2014 bags are released to see if these changes are made then do it. I see a lot of other reviewers complaining the same things I am.

None the less props to Ogio for being innovative and making some great products!

Items 1 to 10 of 17 total

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