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Mach 5 Motorcycle Bag

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  • Streamlined single shot molded exterior is water resistant and will not deform from wind shear.
  • Shoulder gasket conforms to body and increases aerodynamics.
  • Bolstered back foam profile increases air ventilation.
  • Soft neck shoulder straps increase comfort while riding and will not scratch helmet exterior.
  • 360-degree reflective logo and safety piping.
  • Removable zippered fleece lined hip accessory pouch.
  • Off center removable hip belt won’t scratch gas tank.
  • Zippered fleece lined personal electronics/valuables pocket.
  • Large main compartment with adjustable load divider and multiple interior storage compartments.
  • Deluxe organizer panel with zippered security pocket and stretch mesh dividers.
  • Dedicated shoe storage compartments for the commuting professional.
  • Padded interior helmet visor sleeve
  • U-shaped zippered expansion gusset increases carrying volume.
  • High visibility red interior lining.
  • Ergonomic, padded and fully adjustable riding specific shoulder straps with quick release exit buckle.
  • Concealed aerodynamic carry handle.
  • Fully adjustable and removable no slip sternum strap.
  • Integrated removable helmet carry strap
  • Interior padded laptop sleeve with elastic closure fits most 15” laptops.
  • Padded iPad/tablet/e-reader sleeve.
  • Hydration ready.
  • Custom metal Ogio logo and trims.


  • Dimensions: 20.5" H x 14.5" W x 7" D
  • Weight: 3.7 Lbs.
  • Capacity: 1,350 expandable to 1,475 Cubic Inches

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Amazing product!

Recently found out about this product when searching for a good riding bag as my current normal backpack was starting to break down with age. Reading the reviews about this bag I decided it was a "no brainer" and clicked buy now and how I am glad I did. The bag quality is amazing, every seam and zip is high grade and not skimped on like a lot of other products are these days. The complexity of the interior with the simplicity of the exterior make this bag my all time favourite investment. I would suggest anyone who wants a comfortable bag that weighs nothing but will protect not only their valuables inside but provide a great ride from having no wind resistance to buy this bag instantly!

The above being said, I think in the next version if it had the below, I would definitely upgrade:
1) Removable visor holder
Notes: While the visor holder is amazing, I don't always use it. The option to take it out without forcibly removing it would be a great improvement. This actually surprised me when I found it to be fixed since 90% of the other straps are Velcro and removable.

2) Removable internal inserts
Notes: What I mean by this, is making the laptop holder, pouches and internal organization pouches attached to the door of the bag completely removable using either a zip or clip function. This would allow more large items to be placed inside the bag when required, without having to worry about too many items being inside the internal organizer when you go to close the bag.

Even with my 2 suggestions this product is 5 stars and high quality. Knowing what I know now, it is still well worth the money and a great investment. Thanks Ogio!


Changed my ride.

This is a brilliant pack. Using it daily on the commute to work and it's noticeably changed my ride. I had a regular pack before that pushed me around a bit and wasn't comfortable. This fits perfectly on my back when I'm in a riding position and I can't even feel any wind resistance at all.
Only two comments I have is making the visor storage removable as I don't need it. It doesn't take any space but would be handy to remove it to get it out of the way. And the sunglasses pouch is a great feature being zippable from the outside - but it's a bit tight for my regular size sunnies.
Small complaints just to have it said but doesn't detract from how awesome this pack is for riding. I had a riding mate take one look at mine and go buy one himself :)


A Suggestion

I absolutely love this bag. The only thing I did not like about the bag was the face shield storage. I don't carry a spare shield; and I ended up having to cut the shield storage accessory out as wasn't designed to be removable. Otherwise I love EVERYTHING about this pack..and love the added bonus that someone can't pickpocket it when in a crowd.
I saw above that one review complained about the sunglass/phone pack falling off the waist belt. I took mine and placed it on shoulder straps instead of the waist belt. I found it was out of the way there, more accessible and not prone to falling off.


2 years use and going, The best for sportbike commuting

the other reviews say it all, this is the most functional and secure bag of them all for sportbike users. Cannot fault this one, its my go to bag for all around use on and off the bike, it simply does everything you need it to, from holding your computer to carry 3 days clothes on a business trip. It's expandable so the volume is deceiving. Cant go wrong with investing in this bag, it will secure your stuff!


Extremely satisfied with this backpack

Watch my video review of the Ogio No Drag Mach 5 Pack Stealth motorcycle backpack here:

The exterior is made of hard plastic. The shoulder straps are nice and thick to spread the weight across my shoulders. It opens from the inside with 2 zippers. It has elastic shoe holders. It has a compartment for a laptop and an extra visor.

Overall, I am extremely satisfied with this backpack. It’s the same familiar backpack with features I’m familiar with, in a unique turtle shell design, at just the right size.


Only one problem.

Love the bag, seriously picky with gear and I dont mind saying if a product is useful or not. I have always wanted one of these bags but my budget has only recently allowed me to purchase one. Bag fits beautifully, the straps are adjustable and re-positionable. If one configuration doesnt work there are three to four other configs for the supportive cross buckles. The claps that hold the straps in place are agile and useful. Even with full gauntlet gloves I can use every feature of the bag without glove removal. The bags ability to expand would ensure I could pack a week or two worth of clothing and gear in this thing. You could practically camp with this bag without any issue. The quality of build is great, the specifications they list on the description of the product are accurate and straightforward. The extra visor holder is a work of art. My only complaint with this bag is with the small pouch that comes with it. The damn thing slips right off its belt clasp every time you undo the waist strap! The strap swings down and the pouch falls right off of the strap almost every time. Lost the pouch today after a few days of constantly having to be worried about it doing so.. Really upset about losing the pouch, it was super useful for holding my cell phone and I am just glad it didnt fall off while the phone was in it. Can anyone help me out? I want to replace the pouch..

Overall FANTASTIC bag, comfy as hell, aerodynamic and sleek, spacious and usefull. Buy it. Just be careful with the little pouch when you take the belt strap off, it swings down and the force of the swing makes it slip off.




If your looking for an outstanding motorcycle backpack that is built strong, fully functional and looks Italian sexy, then look no further! The price is steep but don't let that stop you, work your ass off and save money to buy this bag. Ride safe.


Amazing says it all

Just picked up one of these from my local shop and all I can say is it never felt like it was on when I rode home!! Had my old bag stuffed in it tons of room left over and the padding and look was sick! Mine is a Suzuki special and looks great on my bike. Holds everything I need for, books, bladder, shoes, extra shield, and still has a lot of room. Easy on and off fit.....dang near water tight. At highway speeds of 75mph no drag at all. Sweet bag by you all at Ogio and as a protective note too, this do well in wrecks and have seen them save riders from injury. Great bag, good price, sweet looks, no brained buy!!! Only down side is the straps flapping but i just tuck mine in n problem solved.


Life Saver

I just wanted to write a review to let the ogio company know that this back pack saved my boyfriends life today in a motorcycle accident he was in. An older lady cut him off and sent him flying over the car and skidding across the pavement. The shell protected his back and helped to brace his fall. No broken bones just alot of road rash. So thankful I got this for him as a xmas present last year. Although the bag is now ruined from the accident, the love of my life is still alive & I cant express how happy I am. Thank you for your top of the line product !


great bag

This bag looks amazing, feels amazing ive done 3000km from QLD to nsw with it and wow hopefully holds up to adelaide

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