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Renegade RSS Laptop Backpack

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Quick Overview

The OGIO Renegade Laptop Backpack is a fully-loaded, tough traveler that can handle anything you throw it at. Fits most 15-inch laptops and under, with an added tablet pocket. The padded laptop compartment features the innovative RSS (reactive suspension system), which cradles your laptop against damage if you happen to drop your bag. Speaking pockets -- this one has them all. Crush-resistant Tech Vault pocket, padded mouse/camera pocket, zippered side utility pockets, expandable phone pocket, deluxe panel pocket with zippered stash, and dual side water bottle/accessory pockets. Adjustable sternum straps make a perfect fit for a variety of builds, while a HUB (Hybrid Unibody Backpanel) promises the ultimate comfort. So stuff it silly and hit the road.


  • Armor protected dedicated laptop compartment with RSS fits most 15” laptops
  • Integrated foam panels keep your electronics and other valuables protected
  • Padded iPad™/tablet/e-reader pocket
  • Crush resistant Tech Vault pocket with soft tricot liner
  • HUB (Hybrid Unibody Backpanel) for ultimate comfort
  • Padded mouse/digital camera pocket
  • Increased shoulder strap foam padding creates Sweet Spot comfort zone
  • Fully adjustable ergonomic shoulder straps with sternum strap
  • Two zippered side utility pockets
  • Dual side water bottle/accessory holders
  • Quick access expandable phone pocket
  • Deluxe organization panel with zippered stash pocket
  • Soft touch padded neoprene grab handle


  • 600D Polyester Pindot


  • Dimensions: 19.5" H x 14" W x 10.5" D
  • Weight: 3.5 Lbs.
  • Capacity: 1800 Cubic Inches
  • Laptop Pocket: 15.5"H x 10.5"W x 1"D

25 Customer Reviews





Terrific Bag!

I love this bag. I take it on every trip and it never ceases to amaze me. It holds everything with space to space, most times. The fabric, zippers and overall build quality are the best. You cannot go wrong with this bag!


Great Business Backpack

Terrific bag for work and travel trips. Lots of pockets and great storage. Great quality and holds up really well.


lots of good stuff

I purchased the Renegade over winter break to replace a 12-year old yellow Columbia pack that was beginning to show some significant wear. My previous pack had been used during graduate school and later survived being lugged around with ridiculous amounts of heavy crap tightly stuffed into its huge main compartment (traveling internationally with a toddler is no joke). It was my everyday pack for those 12 years. I needed a pack that could carry just as much stuff and was as bomb-proof. I actually didn’t use the Renegade for the first three months I had it because the straps seemed too short and it was a little smaller than expected. A weeklong trip to Mexico finally required I break out the Renegade. I now have been using it for a month and can report some good stuff. Because this pack has a few large compartments, it requires a bit more planning on where to place items, but it can pack a lot of stuff. It kept my 13 inch MBP safe in some pretty rough conditions. A 15-inch laptop shouldn’t be problem. I used the tablet sleeve to keep passports and other documents safe. The rigid compartment at the top turned into a case for glasses, loose change, and anything I needed to quickly put away. The side pockets were for a large USB battery and lots of small electronic crap I never used. Even fully loaded and probably weighing 25 lbs, the straps felt secure and were long enough---just (I am 6’ 2” and 240). This isn’t a pack for hiking with, but it will get the job done if needed.
Fully stuffed the bag does not fit under an airline seat because it expands in depth considerably. But it isn't a problem with a moderate amount of stuff in it .Overall the pack is well designed and really comfortable. I considered a couple other highend brands but pulled the trigger on this when it was on sale and it has been a great purchase. Strong recommendation. If I purchased again I would probably have gone with all-black model.
If this bag holds up, I will use it as a daily pack for the next decade. My only concern so far is that the zipper around the tech vault snags a bit. A few wish list items: 1) instead of having four similar sized pockets on both sides, make one side a full-length pocket capable of securely holding (zipped in) a water bottle/Contigo style travel mug, 2) add 3 more inches to the straps so the pack can be carried a bit lower at times, 3) increase the tech vault slightly (half-an-inch) so it can better accommodate today’s largest phones, 4) making the back 1-2 inches taller would probably make it slightly more useful for international travel as it might allow the bag to get put under the seat, 5) offer the line in some brighter colors for those of use who ride in the evenings/night and want to be visible.



Nice backpack. I would recommend to anybody and everybody.


Best computer backpack I've ever owned

This is the fourth or fifth computer backpack I've owned. I've had Targus (twice, never again), LowePro, and a couple of others, and none of them were as well-designed or well-made as this one. The LowePro and the last Targus were both very thin material that didn't stand up well unless the bag was full, and the last Targus began to fall apart after only a few months.

The Renegade has a ton of storage. I currently have a Dell Latitude E6530 with a 9 cell battery (which *just* fits the compartment), the Dell power adapter, a Bluetooth speaker, numerous chargers and cables, an iPad, and an assortment of pens/pencils and other odds and ends, and there is still room in the bag for my camera equipment (for which I just purchased a Hogo Action Case, which ought to fit nicely in the large front compartment). The balance of the bag with all of this in it is superb; it feels much lighter on my back than my previous backpacks. The shoulder straps hold their adjustments (the last Targus did not, at all). The small pouch at the top is a great area for medication. And the hardshell sunglasses area is an especially nice touch.


Worth the money!

This review comes from a VERY hard, frugal, blue collar user. After a year of going everywhere with me as I work for an independent ISP and having my essentials is....essential. From falling of tables, trucks...a roof... (yes, I'm a hammer head and give no apologies for this) its EXCELLENT padding has kept my very expensive laptop intact. Compartment size is modest but sufficient. Its not too bulky nor is it lacking room. Everything I need in it fits like it was tailor made. Even at its normal load out of in excess of 15 lbs, handles and straps are 100% in tact. Being what friends and acquaintances see as being a "hard use" product tester, the OGIO team has passed with flying colors. Well done! My only "gripes" would be my jazzy little badge on the top flap lasted all of a month and the "cell phone" holder on the strap is laughable for it's intended use in the day of a 4" phone being considered small. However, an RFID card fits very nicely so the short coming is made up for ;) These 2 points hardly warrant a lower rating though. If you are on the fence about purchasing, take the plunge. Even though you could buy 2-3 descent bags for this price, its worth having one that excels.


Best Bag On The Planet

This is by far the greatest bag I have ever owned. It is perfect. There is enough room for everything. It is constructed very well too. If you love to carry around a lot of gadgets, this is the bag that was meant for you.


Awesome bag

This my first ever major purchase of a backpack and to be honest I never thought I could love a backpack. This bag has a spot for everything I need with all my electronics. I do tech support so I carry a lot of extras to include my own computer. I would recommend this bag for everyone. Ogio your my brand from here on out.


Excellent Bag, One critique!

This is a great bag. It replaced my North Face Recon. It is a Great size and plenty of pockets for organization. Fits my laptop and electronics perfectly and still room for a change of clothes and toiletries. The bag seems to be well built and durable.

THE DOWN SIDE: is that the adjustable shoulder straps are too short. There should have been 6"-8" more webbing on each of the adjustable shoulder straps. I am not a big person, (I am a Slim Build), but when wearing a winter jacket it is difficult to get on my shoulders even with the straps adjusted all the way out.

It could also use a key clip.

I would highly recommend this bag but if you are a larger person, you may want to consider something different.


Can you make a women size ?

I love this pack has so many organization pockets, but it is too high and too heavy for women.
Can you make one for one size smaller, lighter and make it as "Checkpoint Friendly" pack ? Then, It will be the PERFECT pack in the world !


Best bag I had

This the best bag I had ever!
Thank you so much for this one!


Best International Backpack ever

I travel often with my job and this backpack has held up to over 60 thousand international air miles. I can carry everything that I need for my flight as well as the items I need to do my job once I land onsite. Everything, from iPad, laptop, noise cancelling headphones, reading material, chargers, wireless mice, mifi, battery packs, network cables and network toners, international charging adapters and converters and still have room for snacks. The bag is well built, sturdy, and nicely designed. Once you feel the material you'll immediately know it will last a long time. This bag is exactly what I was looking for and more. My only gripe is that there isn't a clip to store car keys away like my previous bags. I stopped by Home Depot and picked up a carabiner small enough to fit through the zipper above the passport holder and voila!


Best backpack I've owned!

I've only be using the pack for a while but find myself continuously appreciating all the compartments and the quality of this backpack. I understand some people didn't read the " select thin 17" laptops" part but my 15" rMBP fits with room to spare both in depth and width. I love the pocket on the shoulder strap for my phone too because when it's not in use it's invisible and doesn't bother me.


Great Bag

Personally I like the quality of this backpack and it is a great size for school and traveling. I actually purchased my Ogio bag at Winers at a more affordable price ($60). I was very happy with the amount of pockets and compartments this bag had. Many people dislike this bag because of the laptop pocket being too small, however I find it a great fit for my 16" laptop. I also must say that the crush proof vault is very nice. In my opinion it's a great product.


Renegade RSS 17

First, I have to say this to all of those students who bought this backpack: Who in the hell carries a 17" Laptop along w/ all of their heavy books to school? Maybe, ya'll should look into 15" laptops and/or mini-notebooks. Tablets come to mind.
IMHO, Ogio only makes 3 great backpacks; other than the one for us bikers, that are great for college students. And they are the Tribune 17, Bandit 17, and RSS 17. I like these bags because they have waterbottle holders, media pockets, laptop/tablet sleeves and most of all a pocket for my sunglasses. But my only complaint is that the RSS 17 is way TOO EXPENSIVE! I mean who in the hell has the $$ to shell out for that kind of backpack? I gave it a 4 out of 5 stars due to its high price tag.


Great backpack

Pros: Very protective, Extremely durable, Plenty of pockets, stylish, heavy duty zippers, laptop pocket is absolutely amazing,

Cons: Heavy, a little smaller than expected but it stretches out, for some reason the straps are SO short, I'm 13 and the straps are perfect/tiny bit small, maybe just my bag but still strange

Review: I have been using this back since August 2013, it has been everywhere with me, school, New York City, CA, Vermont, my motocross races with my camera stuff, so i am giving this bag a very fair review. So it is very durable, haven't even had a loose thread in the 8 months i have been using it so that is fantastic. I am an avid photographer/videographer so i use this bag to carry most of my gear when i go on Vacations along with my 13 inch Macbook which brings me to the laptop compartment. it is great, very tight but you want it to be, the "suspension" thing seems to be working well. although i don't think setting down my backpack would break my laptop it is still nice to know that i can drop it and everything will be okay. it has many pockets and most of them are labeled for what they are designed to carry but if it fits in the pocket you can put anything you want in it. The zippers feel very sturdy and durable, they use a few different size sippers throughout the bag and they all feel very sturdy. The back has a very nice look to it despite the horrid photo on the olio website that makes it look very round, it looks much better in person in my opinion. The bag is very heavy, which if you are carrying the bag around all day much like i do it can be a strain on the back, however it does have very thickly padded straps and the flat back of the backpack is very comfortable so the weight is subdued by the design. The straps on my bag are very short, i have them fully extended and they are barely able to reach a comfortable spot, i honestly don't know if its just my bag because if you are above 6 feet there is no way your gonna be able to wear this bag the way i do, and I'm 5'10. the bag was a little smaller than i expected it to be, however it did stretch out and i use it like i would any other bag. so over all it is a very close to perfect bag, ogio if you could make the straps quite a bit longer and lower the weight of the bag it will be unbeatable. but as it is right now it is an amazing bag and if you use a backpack a lot and have the money to spend this bag will make your life easier.



I really picked this bag up because it just looks awesome. It holds my
Samsung Ativ 9 Lite (13.3") nicely. Overall the bag is an eye catcher and does stand out, which I like...Great Bag Ogio...


Needs mod to fit a true 17" laptop

I had to cut the two seams at the bottom of the suspension pocket in order to fit my 17" into the laptop pocket and be able to zip it up. Even then, it doesn't zip all the way. You only needed a half to one more inch, and it would have been GOLDEN. Other than that, this bag is stellar. I can fit all my school stuff in it and not have any major issues. I really like the construction of it too. Great bag and I would recommend to someone who doesn't have a 17" laptop.


Not quite for a College Student

Pros: Very sharp looking, Solid build quality, Hefty zippers, Plenty of padding, Comfortable, Plethora of pockets, THE LAPTOP POCKET

Cons: Heavy (Debatable because of build quality), Not as much space as I'd like, Cell phone pocket is useless, Side pockets are not not too spacious

What I carry on a daily basis:
Two 1 1/2" binders
A Chemistry book (11 1/2 x 8 x 4)
A Philosophy book (11 1/2 x 8 x 2)
Two smaller books (8 x 6 x 2)
A planner
4 Pens
HP Pavilion m6 laptop
Charger for laptop
Galaxy S4
Ipad Mini w/ Zagg keyboard

The Renegade is a very solid backpack with awesome build qualities. It is a little heavy but that is only because of the high quality build materials used in this backpack. I am a full time college student and have a lot of things with me at all times. I just recently went through my 3rd backpack this semester and decided it was time to buy something that would last. I did my research and came across this bag and it seemed like a perfect fit. I have now gotten the bag and feel as though it deserves a solid review. The bag is awesome and comes with more pockets than I know what to do with, however they are not all plausible. The cellphone pocket really is about pointless. I have a Galaxy S4 and there is not a chance that the phone will fit, I actually have a hard time putting pens into the pocket so I have easy access to them. The main pocket is a little smaller than I would like and does not fit everything that I carry. I have to put the 2 smaller books into the tablet pocket which I am not a huge fan of doing being that the mini is relatively fragile. Yes I realize that they are trying to keep the size of the bag down. The two side pockets are also very small and do not fit my laptop charger unless I put the power block on one side and the actual cord on the other. Now lets talk about the laptop pocket. This is by far the best laptop compartment I have ever seen in a backpack. The pocket has tons of protection and a rigid divider to keep everything tight. The bottom of the bag also has a nice 'suspension' like feature that I feel as though would help my laptop if I set the bag down a little to hard. The water bottle pocket is very nice and does not seem as though it will stretch out like most do. Other than the main compartment being a little to small, the side pockets being small and the cell phone pocket hardly big enough to get a pen into, this is a solid bag and would recommend to most.


great backpack

Great backpack


Awesome but need a bigger one!

Please build a model like this that will fit a full size 17" PC laptop with 16.5" high laptop pocket and tablet storage.


good but

awesome back pack but the name is misleading. it def doesnt come close to holding a 17" laptop they should call it the renegade 15.

to get my 17" laptop to fit i had to cut the suspension thingy out so the laptop could slide all the way down to the bottom of the bag after that little hack the 17" laptop fit perfectly


Awesome Backpack

This backpack is incredible. There's a pocket for everything and tons of space! Highly Recommend!


Perfect gadget transporter

When I saw this cool but low profile backpack i was sold. Its perfect for my laptop en other electronic devices. Especially because I am not so carefull with my bags and my goods inside. This bag is my vault and three bags in one!

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