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Throttle Pack

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Quick Overview

Looking for a travel backpack that will stick with you off-road? The Throttle Pack will keep you moving at your highest caliber while giving you the durability, storage and organization you need. Whether it's sunshine or rain, the protective and water resistant rain hood protects all of your belongings from the elements. Under that hood is a drawstring opening that gives you ultimate storage space. Fleece-lined pockets keep your electronics and sunglasses protected from scratches while you conquer your next adventure. Other organization pockets keep everything in order so nothing ever gets misplaced. Once you've packed your bag full, fasten the sternum strap for maximum comfort and start your journey with the Throttle Pack.


  • External access hanging padded computer sleeve with water resistant rain hood
  • 2 external side pockets for beverage / small items
  • 1 large front pocket
  • 1 fleece lined electronics pocket
  • 2 way adjustable sternum strap
  • 2 internal organization pockets


  • Dimensions: 20" H x 11" W x 7" D
  • Weight: 1.9 Lbs.
  • Capacity: 1700 Cubic Inches
  • Laptop Pocket: 17.5"h x 11.5"w x 1.5"d

2 Customer Reviews


Awesome Backpack!

This backpack is really great. I got it mainly because I wanted a backpack I can travel with my laptop and use for hiking. I have a Dell XPS 18 all-in-one tablet laptop (I would call it a slate) and thought it could fit in the laptop pocket. Well, it doesn't fit very well in that pocket, but it fits in the main part of the bag plus a weeks worth of clothes and my toiletries, and I bet if I figured it out, I could fit an extra pair of shoes, too. The water bottle pocket holds my 1 liter water bottle perfectly.

Also, this is the first bag or case I put the Dell XPS 18 into where I did not have to worry about the power button being bumped while in transit, which every case I have seen that would fit this computer out there just didn't seem to do the job and I would arrive to my destination with a laptop that is either overheating or the battery has died.

Overall, this backpack is of very high quality, probably like the rest of Ogio's backpacks and products (I have a hard time believing this is just a fluke and this is my first Ogio product) and the amount of storage space is extremely useful, and there is more than I currently need, making the backpack adaptable on trips. I also love how the adjustable straps on the back straps and the straps for the rain flap have velcro straps to help fold the excess strap up so it has a very lean look no matter how packed you are.

One thing they don't mention in the features are adjustable straps on the bottom of the backpack. These could be used to hold a sleeping bag or tent, but I like to travel to places and go hiking while I'm on vacation so I can put my hiking boots in the straps to help avoid carrying anything else other than this backpack. These straps have some kind of elastic bands to help conceal the excess of the straps when they are tightened which also help give it a clean look. Style is not sacrificed for utility at all.

Also to note is that each pocket has some kind of flap to cover the zipper on the inside of it or on the outside of it, which helps to keep rain out. I wouldn't drop the backpack in water, but I wouldn't be afraid at all to walk through a heavy downpour with this backpack if I had to.


Awesome Backpack

I recently received this backpack as a gift. I did some research about it prior and knew I wanted it, and the person who bought it for me knew that I was looking for a backpack and knew about my interest in this one.

First off, I have a rather large all-in-one laptop, the Dell XPS 18, which is a large laptop that looks like a tablet, but I refer to more as a "slate." I was looking for a backpack that could hold my laptop, and I read reviews on Amazon where they said this backpack can fit a 17 inch laptop with no issue, even though here it says it fits 15 inch laptops. I figured this backpack's laptop pocket could handle the XPS 18 without an issue, but I'll get to that in a minute.

So I received the backpack today and I hastily tried to fit as much as I could into it. In the end I was impressed. It looks smaller than I thought it would coming out of the package, and when fully loaded it still doesn't look very big, but let me tell you, it seems bigger than it looks when loading it. The XPS 18 couldn't fit into the laptop pocket. If the zipper on that pocket went maybe about an inch further the laptop could stick out maybe a tiny bit, or even fit, into the laptop pocket. After a few minutes wrestling with it I gave up.

What I tried next was I put the laptop in the main pocket under the rain flap with the drawstring. It fit perfectly in there. Next I loaded a week's worth of clothes into the backpack, and there was still room to spare in the main pocket for things like toiletries, especially with a medium sized zipper pocket and two mesh pockets on the inside to help organize the items in there.

I next loaded up the water bottle pocket on the side of the backpack with my large CamelBack Chute water bottle, the one liter bottle. It fit fine and only fell out the first time I put it in there because I forgot to unzip that pocket all the way allowing to expand and thus allow the water bottle to be placed all the way into the pocket, and after that I didn't need to worry about it falling out again, it fit nice and snug, but not too snug. It felt safe and was accessible.

I then put the charger for my laptop in the front pocket, which was roomier than I thought it would be when the main pocket is fully loaded.

The pocket opposite the water bottle pocket I put my phone charger, and any other number of things could be placed into there with it with no problem, as that pocket is nice and roomy and even has a small mesh pocket inside so you can separate items for ease in finding them so you don't have to dig around among too many things to find the one thing you need.

Next I found the perfect use for the laptop pocket on the back. I put the wireless keyboard I use for my XPS 18 in there and since I am a musician that bought this backpack for travelling for auditions, a binder holding the music for whichever audition I am taking fit with the keyboard no problem in the laptop pocket. The cell phone pocket will come in handy when I want to listen to music on the go, and there is a small pocket for a tablet. I do not have a tablet, but if I ever do get one, or find a use of the pocket otherwise, it is there. Extra space in a backpack like this after it is fully loaded is only an upside to me. It makes the backpack feel more flexible in terms of usage, especially when travelling.

The flap has a large pocket with fleece lining the bottom of it so you can place things like sunglasses or electronic with screens in there without worrying of it getting scratched. I so far just put my clip-ons in there, but the pocket is larger than you would think and you can put anything you might readily need while on the go in there.

So now we have gone through the storage, the back of the backpack is padded on each side with a gap in between the pads down your back which will help with airflow, and if I go hiking at all, that will be perfect.

The straps are lightly padded, but the chest strap system is what helps the most. The chest strap is easily adjustable, and when place just right it can take a lot of load off your shoulders. It was really amazing how easy it was to adjust and have the weight go from my shoulders to my chest.

The bottom of the backpack has adjustable straps to place something like a sleeping bag or a rolled up blanket or mat of some kind, this is a nice feature and I can find many uses for it, like bringing a pair of hiking shoes with me as a travel in case my destination has nice hiking to be done.

The amount of detail in the design is great, most of the pockets are made in such a way that they would seem to be very water resistant with flaps on the inside or the outside to help keep water out. And the big flap obviously will help rain from getting into the main pocket.

With as much as I can shove into here, I can easily travel for auditions with it on my back and I can use my hands to help lug my instrument around, which is a double bass. I have a nice suitcase that rolls, but it makes it hard to operate doors myself while I am lugging my bass in one hand and my other hand is dragging my suitcase along. With this I can carry my belongings and instrument up an down stairs much more safely as I can now grab a handrail with a free hand.

This is a great backpack and I've read about people using it as a motorcycle backpack, and it would probably be very good for that, but I do not drive a motorcycle, so I cannot comment much on that.

So far, I love this backpack. I feel I can more efficiently pack the main space to include an extra pair of nice shoes for my auditions so I can travel comfortably in not-so-nice shoes. An all the straps on it are very nice and adjustable. They also have ways to keep them looking nice. The straps for the rain cover that buckle down and the adjustbale straps for the back straps have velcro that helps fold up the loose ends to make them cleaner, and the bottom straps for the sleeping bag or mat have elastic bands to help hold the loose ends down. This helps give the backpack a very clean look so you can look stylish no matter how filled the backpack is.

The build quality feels and looks very nice, and I got the orange colored one, and it looks great. In a few days I will be travelling with this backpack and I get to give it its first trial run with it fully loaded.

I have carried my Dell XPS 18 around and I did not have to worry about the power button being pushed by accident like in the other cases or bags made for a laptop of this size, which is nice because it is very annoying to arrive somewhere only to find my laptop is in the process of overheating from being turned on just by transporting it.

I give this backpack a 5/5 in rating for its design and utility, the craftsmanship, and just how it looks. It looks very nice, and I'm sure all the colors will look good, but I love the orange. My girlfriend thinks I look very stylish with it. I wholeheartedly recommend this backpack.

Also, I feel like the quality of this backpack wasn't a fluke by any means and Ogio probably puts a lot of work in the design and quality of their products, so I'm sure any backpack from this company will be great for what you need or want it for. I'm sorry for the length, but I hope this review was helpful in your search for a backpack.

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