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Style 611031

OGIO Locker Bag

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Quick Overview

The Locker Duffel Bag

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The Locker Bag was OGIO's first innovation and remains one of the most highly engineered gym bags in the market. Its sturdy structure is designed both to fit into and work like a locker, while other intelligent features include a shelf separating clothes from shoes (up to a men's size 13), plus internal organization pouches, and an external magazine/racquet pouch.


  • Vented main compartment with extended shoe compartment
  • Side pocket for magazines or racquet
  • Front zippered pocket for keys, wallet, and other important items
  • Fits in standard locker
  • Internal organization
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Custom interior lining


  • 420D dobby nylon, 600D poly


  • Dimensions: 17" H x 16" W x 8" D
  • Weight: 4.45 Lbs.
  • Capacity: 1900 Cubic Inches

51 Customer Reviews

By: Dan P


Love My Bag

I love my OGIO locker bag....I've been using it for the past 15 years and have gone through 4 of them. The only reason I have to replace them is due to broken zippers. As I've noticed with the other comments in this Blog, it appears the zipper is a real design flaw.
It you fix that, you'll have an excellent product for all us athletic out there.
Thank you!

By: Paul


Excellent bag

I have had my bag for 10 years and love it, will order a new one.

By: Jim Santor


Poor Quality

I have had this bag for 4 months and it is already starting to show wear. The handle is cracking, the zipper pull is bent, and the edges are fraying. Not what you would expect from a $75 bag.

By: Terry


Great but

Great bag but zipper broke after a year.

By: Gayle S.


At 20 years old the bag would still be usable except for a broken zipper. How about some color?

My bag is "The Original X2 Locker Bag" and I have used it more then 20 years. The handle broke a few years ago and I had the local shoe shop replace it using a piece of split cowhide. That made an excellent handle. My husband also bought the same time I did and used until a year ago when the zipper broke. We were unable to find Ogio at local stores, so we ordered one for him. The zipper is now broken on mine and I plan to buy another one. I have looked for the Ogio locally for several months. Are there no brick and mortar stores that carry it? I refuse to buy one where your clothes, shoes and toiletries have to be crammed together!

By: Bryn Carlson


Zipper Broke

What happen to your quality? Two bags in 15 years and the last one lasted me two years. Zipper broke and no one can fix it. Why is this bag so hard to find in a retailer?

By: howard ebert


not good

I cannot find this bag anywhere. What are you guys doing? I have had the original one for 20 years and only once had to replace a zipper.
I did receive the new one 3 months ago, after a long wait. Upon opening the package we noticed a broken zipper. Upon bringing to the shop for repair, we were told it would be too expensive to fix.

Please bring us the same quality all of us loved in the past. Don't disturb your good name by bringing " junk" to customers who are waiting for the new bag !!

By: Jose Morales


Disappointing Quality

I had my locker bag for 20+ years and was happy when my son gave me a new bag last year. The quality of the new one is poor and it is starting to show in the broken zipper. I was hoping for at least the same quality the original one had.

By: edwin



It's a very compact and organized, and fits in about any locker.
I have had my old bag for 25 years a go, and I am going to buy a new Ogio locker Bag.

By: Harry Hickson


Nice design terrible quality

The design of the bag is great , the quality of the bag is the worst I have ever owned . I had the bag for less than 1 month when the first river on the top fell out . Plastic split on the shelf inside and the stap that allows you to carry the bag on your shoulder broke , I now have devised a rope to use for the shoulder sling . All the nylon internal compartments on the door that hold items have ripped through except for 2 . The handle has cracked in 4 places but still works . Needless to say I have used the miracle of duct tape where needed to hold it together . Contacted the manufacturer who told me to get a box and send it back to them all at my expense . I never did was too frustrated and will not purchase from them again . I do like thier design and styling just not their quality and stand behind of thier products .

By: Indiana Nan


Please keep the Locker Bag!

I'm hoping that OGIO is not retiring the Original Locker Bag; or, there is a design upgrade in the works! I have owned 2 of them since 1990. My first one was a smaller design and my second was the SS. I am still carrying the SS, but I need to get a new one. I am really hard on these totes, so the zipper is broken on both of them. I teach fitness classes. I can fit everything I need for multiple activities and wardrobe changes into this bag. The wet pocket is the BEST for swimsuits! I use it for weekend trips, too.

By: Bubba L


Bring back the Orginal Locker Bag

Saw one of these bags at the local YMCA this morning. Owner loves his. Fits neatly into the locker and holds everything needed for a swim followed by a workout in the gym. Why stop producing such a great and functional product. Bring it back, please.

By: Jack Rapier


The Best

I love my OGIO bag, I use it every day to go to the gym. I am on my 3rd bag.

By: Alfred N


My second one in 15 years, fantastic

I just replaced my original after 15 years of 6-days per week service. This is the best bag i have ever come across and it is always the subject of discussion wherever i go. Well done OGIO.

By: Mike M


The ONLY GYM bag for me!!!

i have been using these locker bags for 25+ years, my first one was a nice teal/orange/ color. It was bright and lasted a long time until the zipper broke. My second was the newer style, didn' t last as long, but when you use them 4-5 times a week, they will wear. I bought a third/gently used, in great condition, the first style, and it is still going strong. This is the BEST bag for the gym, friends of mine now own them after seeing mine. Don't stop making these OGIO, but we could use some new colors, black is boring!

By: Jahmal


25 years old & still a great bag...

I have owned my locker bag for 25+ years.I purchased my oldest son a golf bag recommended by several friends as the most ergonomic, comfortable, functional and long lasting for the price. In addition, I bought my youngest son a backpack for the same reasons. For old times' sake, I looked at the latest locker bag. It is magnificent, however my old Ogio is still completely functional. The only part showing any age is the handle. Keep making them last or have a trade in program...

By: Patrick


great bag

Great bag.. just wondering why I cant find them in stores locally here in colorado now again.

Zipper broke but had it for about 8 years..

By: David


Great bag but handle breaks

I love this third one but the handle always breaks in the middle..every time

By: Brent C.



This is absolutely the best bag for daily use!! It's extremely durable, lasting for years!!!

By: Cat


excellent bag

I have had my ogio locker bag for about 25 years now, and I love it ! works well at the gym and for all other activities. I would highly recommend.

By: Danny B.


Great sturdy bag

My Under Armor bag tore near the main compartment zipper after six months. I only went to the gym twice a week. The Ogio locker bag is built to last and so far so good after a year.

By: Joe


Good bag

Good bag and fits nicely in the locker. The shelf system inside however rips easily and isn't as sturdy is it could be. Wish it were wrapped in something stronger and more durable. I have wrapped mine in electric tape.

Love the lock holder on the outside. Would love to see another design that could let you carry enough items to consider going from work, to the gym, then casual somewhere after.

By: C. Sanchez


You may want more than one

I have had this bag for over 5 years and love it. I love it so much that I a got a second bag, one for the gym and another for my swimming gear. It is perfect. I am a very organized person and it has a compartment for everything I need. No complaints. I gave one to a friend as a gift and he loved it as well. This is by far the best bag I have ever owned. I had 1 new bag every year until I found this one.

By: Cole


Awesome Item

I have had my black Ogio locker bag for 15 years. I show horses and have used the bag to take my hats - top hat and derby - safely in separated main compartment - or one hat and jod boots in lower compartment - with never any damage to contents. Riding gloves and misc. other items in all other compartments. Has survived many years of being shoved on horse trailers and semis and airplanes. Zipper finally gave out on main compartment probably due to dust/dirt and abuse. Thrilled they still make these. I checked two retail stores before I got online, so wasn't hopeful. I hated the prospect of having to buy a traditional plastic hat box with no storage compartments. Huge recommend.

By: Sean


Love this bag,

Best gym bag I've ever had! Fits in locker perfectly, love all the pockets and separate area for your shoes. Cost is well worth it. Wife thinks I'm crazy but if you spend a lot of time at the gym, like to be organized and like a strong bag, This is your bag!

By: Don K


Great bag, lasts a long time.

At the club today a gentleman ask about my OGIO locker bag. Told him it was a gift from my wife about 20 years ago, I have used it at least 3 times a week for all that time and except for the handle getting a little frayed it is like the day I got it. The guy said "I've got to have one of those". "Well I'm sure glad I have mine" I said.

By: Todd


The Best Above All!!!

I've had this very gym back since 2003 or so and it's as good today as it was then and it has been used like you wouldn't believe! I thought I would come back and see if there have been any upgrades, just to see. Well, I see it is still the exact same bag. I guess there is no point in changing something that works so freaking well!!! Buy it, you won't regret it and it will last you forever and take all the abuse you can dish it. I think what I love most is that it has a place for everything and everything has a place - no joke!

By: John G.


Great rc car tire bag

My boy races rc cars all over SoCal and we use all ogio bags and they are the strongest and coolest looking bags. The locker bag works great for our tires and special sauces and scrubbers keeping them all organized and ready to win. Thanks Ogio

By: lynn


Lasts forever

After 15 years of use and abuse it is finally time to replace my old OGIO bag. I am so happy they still make them. Can't wait to get my new bag.

By: Dan J.


OGIO Envy Over

I saw my friends Ogio bag and wanted one for Christmas. Santa was good. I used it today and it is so well made and well designed. I plan to have it for many years. Thanks.

By: Will S.


They last...

I have an Ogio locker bag that was given to me as a gift in 1990. I still have it, and use it, to this day. It has traveled to the gym, around the country and out of the country. It shows a little wear, but it's still in great condition. It's now retired to a fire station locker, but I still take it along on trips. Thank you for making such a quality product.

By: Sir H


What a great bag.

I have been a Fire Fighter for 24 yrs and have had a locker bag since. I take it to work, vacation, or over night to someone's home. It's a great bag for some one on the move, be it one day or months.

By: flyingscottttt


'bestest' bag ever!

Was given this bag as a gift about 10 years ago, and now buying a second one for use when traveling- it is PERFECT for the plane as when those 'men in suits' hog up all the overhead storage, this will fit nicely beneath the seat!

By: Audrey


Time for a New Locker Bag

I bought my first locker bag (purple and black colored) many years ago from a sports store for my 6-day a week workouts at the gym. It fit perfectly in the locker and has served me well throughout my many re-locations around the nation. I must have given it away during one of my moves, but I do remember it was in perfect condition. I'll be purchasing another bag; it keeps everything organized! Great buy and I recommend this bag to anyone. I am 49 years old 5'4" and never had an issue carrying this either by the handle or shoulder strap.

By: Jack


Terrific bag!

No question about it. I bought this gym bag more than 20 years ago and have used it consistently through the years - 5-6 days a week and it held up!!
It should be more available in retail stores. Simple, the best!

By: Angelo S.


10- star

I've had my bag since they first began and purchased it at Sports Authority. It has generated so much attention at the gym where I work out that 5 others have gone out and purchased one as well.
I've had to replace my bag a couple of times but needless to say Ogio has stood by their lifetime Guarantee and has replaced it with no hassle. I recommend this product to anyone who needs a workout bag. 10 stars!

By: Ardell H.


best carry-on ever made!

I have used one of these almost exclusively for the past ten years. It is hands down the best designed piece of luggage I have ever owned, I live out of the thing for 200 or more days a year.
Please never stop making them!

By: Robert C


Looooove it!

I am currently purchasing my 8th one of these bags. My wife and I love them for everything from the gym to emergency suppies kits in the cars and even traveling to the beach or the overnight trip someplace. We love these bags and will be buying even more of them.

By: Gladys


Best Gym Bag Ever

My first Ogio bag was replaced by the lifetime warranty due to the cracked handle and that was over 14 years ago after 5 years of usage. The second bag was stolen out of my car 8 years ago, the third bag is now being used by my husband and I'm about to order one for me again.
You do the math, they last and work well. The only thing I don't like or use is the comb or brush.

By: laura


Lucked out

Was at a check out at Goodwill and looked over and saw a uniquely shaped piece of what I thought was luggage. Took a closer look and realized it was for use in a locker. It was in excellent shape except for a little bit of color worn off the trim. Saw the reviews and very excited to take to the gym. Now I can get rid of all of my pain in the neck crumpled duffle bags and use this for travel as well. Thanks to this company for making such a great bad and thanks to the person who gave it to good will. I will not be this lucky again :)



Portable Closet

Durable and good looking quality bag that fits right into the locker. Able to carry everything I need for the health club. Wish it had wheels.

By: Robert O.


Tough Hombre!

I have had my athletic bag for more than 25 years and it's still going strong. Only now is the handle beginning to fray. So I've decided to get another!! Bravo!!!!

By: Steve R.


The Best!

I've had my Ogio Locker bag for 29 years and it is still going strong. The top carry handle has been cracked for about 10 years but is still together, so no big deal. I'll want to buy the newer model but then wonder, why get rid of the original when it is stil working well for me? I have used my bag at the gym, and always take it when I travel, especially for weekend trips. Fits in the overhead on planes, in lockers, behind the seat in my truck, on the motorcycle - Everywhere. It is my work bag that I take to the fire department also, and carry's everything I need for my shift. Yes, it's a little more expensive than some other bags, but well worth it. Do you really think a $20 bag will still be around 30 years from now? Another great feature of this bag is the rigidity. It holds its shape year after year and won't crush down. Now that I think about it, maybe I will buy a new one and donate my old bag to a friend - It still has a lot of years left in it!

By: Dr. Wayne M


Carry Handle Cracks

These Athletic bags last me about 5 years for the past 15 years. The carry handle cracks usually on the fourth year. Other Gym rats say that it happens on their Ogio bag also. People see my bag in my locker and they always ask me where I purchased it.

By: Adam S.


Ex Gym Owner says Buy the Bag

Well, after being out of the gym business for 16 years, my last Ogio (original SV locker with blue trim) bag's zipper finally gave out. Darn, darn, darn. Time to order a new one. We gave out hundreds of these bags as a "welcome to the club" gift from 1990-1996. I'm looking at the one with the broken zipper right now thinking about the best years of my life. By the way, I'm back in the gym twice a day training like its 1999! Enjoy life and stay fit!

By: Joe V.


flexible organizer

I like to carry everything with me for whatever workout(s) I might want to do at my local Y. The Ogio Locker Bag allows me to do that, and keep enough spares for things I might forget on a day to day basis. It's also really useful to keep the toiletries out of the way of everything else int he bag. A design change I'd like to see made is an expandable holder for a water bottle on the front or back

By: Eddie


One of a kind

I've also had a locker bag for over 20 years. Mine is gray with red trim. The design is similar still. why change something that works?! I checked this locker as luggage in the past and due to the baggage handlers tossing it about, it did get a little beat up on the outside cosmetically but the integrity is still going strong. I am a woman and I keep a lot of cosmetics and liquids in mine. Spills over the years wipe clean from the interior. I just bought a "Crunch" bag and I'm wondering why I didn't just use my locker bag!

By: Kerry


Best Bag!

I just received this bag as a gift. It is spectacular! I love most of the compartments (the shampoo/bottle areas are a bit too small), but the rest of the bag is great! And, fits perfectly into the health club locker!

By: Brad K. MI


Best Bag

I've had my bag for about 20 yrs. and it has held up extremely well.
Very compact and organized, and fits in about any locker.
I highly recommend this. Thumbs up !

By: Paul P.



I have had my locker bag for over 25 years and the thing will not wear out. The only problem is the main zipper it now sticks once in awhile.
I would tell you to get this gym and work it over.

By: Dennis S


Great Bag

I've had Ogio locker bags for well over 10 (ten) years and they are the best. I've had numerous people go and buy them just from seeing mine.......... great innovation.........

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