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Style 114007

Brooklyn Women's Tablet Purse

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  • Fully padded zippered iPad/tablet/e-reader pocket
  • Integrated cross body shoulder strap
  • Two large main compartments
  • Hidden zippered pocket under front flap
  • Large interior zip pocket
  • Fully padded base protects electronics
  • Fully featured organization panel
  • High visibility liner
  • Custom metal trims
  • Tablet sleeve 8.5”h x 11.75”w



  • TC 900D Poly


  • Dimensions: 11.5" H x 12" W x 3" D
  • Weight: 0.8 Lbs.
  • Capacity: 550 Cubic Inches
  • Laptop Pocket: 9.5"Hx8"Wx.5"D

27 Customer Reviews

By: Rebecca Haynes


Awesome Purse

I have had this purse since getting it as a Christmas present and I really love it. It is super well made and durable. I personally like the fun pattern on the inside liner. It is cheerful and clean looking. I love the set up of the interior and the wide shoulder strap. I WILL be buying OGIO products in the future based on my satisfaction with this one. I have never stuck with a purse brand before, as I have always ended up dissapointed in the quality to price ratio, but OGIO gets this spot on. Highly recommend.

By: Janice


Keep the dots!

The interior is a fun surprise. It makes me happy every time I reach inside. Add more options for those nay sayers if you want but know there are dot lovers out here of all ages!! I love my OGIO bag and how well it has held up. It still looks like new inside and out and I carry it every day to work for two years now.

By: Terea


Love this bag--hate polka-dots

I love this bag--it has a pocket for everything! It is light-weight and very well-made. I really like the exterior fabric (mine is blue), but I have one complaint. I HATE the polka-dot liner! HATE! It embarrasses me when I open the bag, and makes me feel like I'm carrying a diaper bag. For this reason, I'm removing a star.

By: Cristina


Horrible Lining

If it weren't for the 5 year old girly liner I would buy this bag. For the grownup in all of us please change this horrible liner! I would buy this if the liner was a solid color that matches the outside of the bag. Even the felt bags have a kid like color liner to them. Way to put off the grown ups that would actually buy this bag with that satin kid liner.

By: Barbara F.


Love it!

I absolutely love this purse. Bought it as a travel bag that would also protect my iPad on the run, but never changed back to my daily purse. Probably never will.

I got the Tera color with the natural color inside. Perfect and professional, but when I got the black version I hadn't noticed the less professional pattern within. Not a big fan of that. Wish the followed the same look as the Terra format, but this should not stop others from buying. The most comfortable bag I have ever worn and I really pack my bag when I travel.

Now if only I can get OGIO to make me a black bag with tan interior and I be happier than hap! Go out and buy one gang!

By: Jaki



I saw a co-worker with this bag and had to have one! I am so picky when it comes to purse. I walk to with, so it's really nice to not have to worry about my purse falling off my shoulder. The stage is ample and very versatile. I had this bag for a few months, loved it so much that my husband bought me another one in a different color. I get so many compliments and tell everyone to get one!

By: Monica


Fantastic purse!

I received the red one as an Xmas gift 6 months ago. It is comfortable, works exactly as I need it to, and I get tons of compliments on it. Several people have even written the company name down because they liked it so much. I use the tablet pocket in the center to store my Nook, Kindle, and/or my SG Note (a gigantic smart phone); it holds all three items comfortably. I like to keep a plastic folder in my purse to store documents that I need to keep nice (like my resume); it fits perfectly in this bag.
The light interior makes it easy to find things, but with all of the pockets, it's easier for me to be organized and set up good habits. My keys and headphones go in a specific pocket and I never have to search for them. I can always find my pen. Finding my wallet takes two seconds since it's black and stands out in the light interior.
I love my red bag, but when I travel, I will probably buy a black one so it doesn't attract as much notice.
I've been super careful to keep this bag off the ground, but it's still a little dirty and I'm not sure how to clean it. The only change I would make is to put the cleaning instructions on the product info page.

By: Audra


How can I get this bag?

This bag seems great and just what I'm looking for. These are unavailable everywhere!!! Looking for a green one, but at the point, I'll take a few other colors!! Still nowhere. If they're selling, make more OGIO!

By: Val


Really like this bag!

I find this bag good for just everyday use, not just for school. It is a little big, but not too bad. Very pleased.

By: Laura


Good but not great for me

I love this bag. My co-worker had one and so I wanted one. I got my bag and to my great sadness my Surface tablet would not fit. I was so upset. =( So I will be returning this or my friend will buy it from me. I really wanted this to work. I guess I will keep looking.

By: Diane



I do like my purse, but my daughter had to give me hers because she likes to wear it across her chest and since she is 5'8" tall and I'm just 5 ' it does not fit her well. I do wear across my chest for safety reasons.
My Galaxy tablet is a snug fit.

By: Victoria


I get so many compliments!

I love this purse because: it is so sturdy, lots of compartments to keep everything organized and the best thing you can wash & drip dry and it still looks amazing!

By: Barbara



Have used all kinds of different bags to carry my stuff while traveling, but always came home disappointed in one way or another. The number one complaint being that my shoulders would just be so painful after a day lugging my stuff around.

This year I just happen to past by the bag, BROOKLYN WOMEN'S TABLET PURSE, and thought I would give t a try, but I will have to admit, not with much enthusiasm.

Whoa! I was not only pleased, but amazed! Not one day did I ever complain about the discomfort of the weight on my shoulder.

Only wish? I wish they had design in a bigger version when you needed more items. This one is good for simple grab and go item and electronics.


By: Laura



Best bag I've bought, it fits my ipad and case, giant drink bottle and lunch perfectly. I've been using it for about a year and am thinking of buying another colour.

By: Barbara


Really intelligent bag

This bag is a solution to problems I didn't know I had until I got it. Bright fabric inside makes finding things easy. It has logical divisions and the front zipper pocket is an easy access to my phone. If the zipper is only partially closed you don't have to unbutton the very cute buttons to get into it. Got great compliments the first time I had it with me. Big yay!

By: Kim


Cute but flawed

I love this bag for a lot of reasons. It's cute. It holds a lot of things. It has zippered pockets so you know nothing will fall out. However, there are 2 things I don't like about it. 2 of the 3 buttons fell off within about a month of owning it. One of them I never found so I can't even sew them back on. And the strap isn't adjustable. I'm a large woman and I can't wear it across my body because it sits on my breast, which is just awkward.

By: Jamie


Good Bag....but

I bought this bag about 8 months ago and I really like it. The middle button is now discolored, it turned a little lighter than the others. It is big enough to fit my I pad with plenty of room for a wallet and other junk. Overall a good bag but it did have that little problem.

By: Jessica


Love this bag, but...

I have the red bag and I love it, but the strap has a single connecting stitch that rests on the shoulder while wearing it. The weight of the purse contents put stress on the stitching and has now begun to come apart. My sister in laws yellow one is doing the same thing. I am going to contact customer service in hopes of a little help with it, if no resolve I may just have to break out the sewing machine

By: Diva


Love the Bag

I got this bag from my school bookstore. They ran out before I could get it in more colors. It is great when traveling it fits my IPad, phone and wallet with no problems. I'm looking for it in more colors.

By: Angela


Great Functional Design.

I love the functionallity of this bag. It holds my NOOK perfectly and I still have lots of room for other stuff. I also love that it is designed to be worn across the body. It makes carrying the extra weight much easier. The only complaint I have is that upon coming back to order a second bag about a year later I found out that they have changed the inside of the bag to horrible polka dot pattern. It looks like the inside of a diaper bag. I am a professional woman and really would like to look the part. I have a separate diaper bag just for that purpose. PLEASE change the inside back to the nice light green or heck go to a light grey or white. Thank you. :)

By: Sunshine T.



Can you please add a shade of pink to your line up of bags for women?

By: Ashley


Really cute, tall girls beware!

I work for a motorcycle shop and special ordered this bag! I love the design, colour and of course the Red protection pocket that fits a tablet. I am only 5'5 and I find the strap to be short! I think an improvement for this bag would be an adjustable shoulder strap :)

By: Ollie



I love this bag! It is cute and sturdy. I get tons of compliments on it too. I thought the strap may annoy me since it's not adjustable but it really doesn't. The only thing I'm not a huge fan of is that it's difficult to access the pocket under the buttons. On the other hand, the buttons are super cute!

By: Val


Black out of stock

I really want this purse, I hope you will receive black purse soon.

By: C. Palinkas


I Love This Bag!

It is absolutely perfect for commuting with my iPad with cover, commuter mug, keys, etc. There is plenty of room for everything, even my knitting!
The only problem is that the buttons are really tight, so I would not recommend putting anything in the secret pocket that you need to get a hold of quickly.

Other than that, it's like bag Nirvana.

By: Cecilia


Perfect iPad bag!

I also got this bag in my school bookstore, but it was only $25. I have only one complaint, the buttons are too hard to fuss with. I like the look of the buttons, maybe a snap button would make it easier. Other than that this is the kind of bag I've been looking for. I can store/protect my iPad, and have lots of room left without carrying a oversized bag.

By: Tina


Great little bag

I got this bag at my schools bookstore. Its perfect for a light load. I fit 2 books, a notebook, pens, small change purse and it still has a padded middle zipper section inside that will hold my iPad. The top zips closed with the books and notebook but the bag sticks up a little at the top but it does zip. It sits great on my shoulder and hangs at my hip. (5'3") There is also a zipper under the front flap with the 3 buttons, but the buttons actually unbutton to get under there so I don't know how much I will use that zipper part. Overall I am very happy with the bag. It was the same price on this website as it was at school also.

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