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Can I purchase a replacement stand for my Ogio Golf Bag?

OGIO offers the following parts as replacement parts for your stand mechanism:
- "H"- Clip- Rocker Foot (the piece of the stand mechanism that contacts the ground)- Rubber Leg Caps (OGIO carries replacement parts for most of our current golf bags.)

Why did I receive a different color bag as a replacement?

OGIO reserves the right to send a "like" bag as a replacement, especially when the bag being replaced is no longer manufactured and/or a color may be out of stock.

What should I do if the legs on my OGIO golf bag become crossed?

There is a small clip (looks like the letter H) that manages the tension of the stand legs. If the legs become crossed, the tension is too high. To remedy this, the "H"-Clip needs to be moved down the tension wires until the legs no longer cross. The "H"- Clip may be difficult to slide up the tension wires, if this is the case, a soft mallet may be used to get the "H"-Clip to move upward. Please be careful while attempting to move the "H"-Clip.

The legs on my OGIO golf bag are flapping around while I walk, can this be fixed?

The "H"-Clip may be set at its lowest setting from the factory. This setting may prevent the stand legs from being pulled in close to the body of the bag as it is being carried. To fix this, the "H"-Clip needs to be moved up the tension wires approximately 1"- 3" from its lowest position (resting on the two metal stops on the tension wires between the stand legs on the bag. This action will cause the stand legs to deploy more firmly as well as keep the stand legs closer to the body of the bag when its being carried.

What if I cannot find my original sales receipt?

OGIO reserves the right to deny warranty service without the original sales receipt.

Do I have to pay the shipping costs incurred when sending the damaged bag to OGIO?

OGIO will pay for the shipping of the replacement bag. The customer is responsible for paying shipping charges when sending the damaged bag back to OGIO. We ask that you chose a shipping method that provides a tracking number in case your package is lost in transit.

If my OGIO bag is broken, and not covered under warranty, what do I do?

Please contact OGIO Warranty Department to discuss available options. You can reach us by phone at 800-922-1944 ext. 3247 and/or via email at

What information is needed when submitting a warranty claim via email?

Please include your name, phone number, shipping address, product description and warranty issue for the most timely and accurate response.

Where should I send my defective bag after receiving a RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization)?

OGIO C/O Returns Department 14926 South Pony Express Road Bluffdale, UT 84065 (Do not forget to write the RMA on the outside of the shipping container.)

What exactly does life-time warranty mean?

OGIO makes exceptional products, however, normal wear and tear will eventually cause our bags to age. Our Warranty Department reserves the right to refuse warranty claims on a bag that shows signs of normal wear.

I want to talk with someone about a warranty question, who can I contact?

You can contact the OGIO Warranty Department by phone 800-922-1944 ext. 3247 or via email at

What is the model name of my bag?

Our bags usually have a fabric label with the name of the bag sewn into one of the seams. In addition, you can see the year the bag was manufactured by looking inside the bag for a white label that will have the year listed.

Do your bags come with an owner's manual?

The 2006 OGIO bags will have more bag specific details on our hang tags. If you have additional questions about your OGIO products, please contact OGIO Customer Service at and/or

How long before my replacement bag arrives?

Allow three weeks for your replacement to be processed, shipped and delivered.

I sent an email to for assistance with my warranted related issue, what is the expected response time?

Our goal is to answer your warranty related email within 48 business hours.