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Rig 9800 Rolling Luggage Bag

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Quick Overview

Nothing can stop you when you're toting the Rig 9800 Rolling Luggage Bag. Its durability can be found in almost every feature. The integrated foam throughout will keep your gear safe and sound as it travels. Oversized wheels will follow you through whatever terrain you trek. This bag has just as much grace as it does strength, though. It's easy-to-access, wide-mouth main compartment will keep your journey moving. When it's time to run, the telescoping pull handle is one step ahead of you. Let style, convenience, and durability join you in your next adventure, choose the Rig 9800 Rolling Luggage Bag.


  • SLED (Structural Load Equalizing Deck) System for increased durability and handling in the harshest of conditions
  • Wide mouth LID opening for easy access to all gear compartments
  • Large main compartment with adjustable dividers and padded helmet chamber
  • Several multi-use LID compartments for apparel and smaller gear
  • iFOM (integrated foam) construction throughout for added gear protection.
  • Heavy duty oversized wheels with extra clearance
  • Secure hold compression strap system
  • Telescoping pull handle


  • Dimensions: 34" H x 16.5" W x 15.25" D
  • Weight: 14.2 Lbs.
  • Capacity: 7500 Cubic Inches

11 Customer Reviews


Best Bag

I am on a plane 2 times every 3 weeks for work & this bag has been up to the task. My "normal luggage has been on a plane maybe 5 times & is falling apart while my "work" luggage, the Rig 9800, has made 68 trips in 2 years & shows no sign of wear yet. After my last vacation with my little lady I informed her that we would be investing in OGIO bags for future vacation travel


last bag to every buy

I've had my Orange/Black OGIO 9800 for many trips.

This particular bag, due to color-design, is visible, sturdy, expandable, and easily rolled. Whether traveling over-seas or in the U.S. it's extremely versatile.

You have to check this one, however, as it's too big for schlepping directly onto the plane.

Who cares? Carry an OGIO back pack and you are good. You can park your pack on top of the bag while you roll it. It's very well made and does not tip over when you park it vertically. Nice.

I suggest investing in several packing cubes for your clothing, which makes this bag even better and more useful.
N. Brown. Houston, TX


Been around the world and back!!

I've had my 9800 for 3 years now. It's been deployed to Iraq, Kuwait , the Alaskan Arctic and many more harsh places. I love this bag. I would not ever buy another "suitcase" in my lifetime other than another 9800 to replace this one. Well built and very heavy duty. Only downside or improvement they could made is more water proofing. That would be GREAT!! If you ride all the time or travel all over the world. This bag is awesome. Yes, it's big and takes up room, however you'll never have to leave anything or be afraid of buying items on your travels. I love it, it's been a life save in the fact that it has allowed me to overpack and bring medical supplies from the US to the refugee camps in Kurdistan and Iraq. I was able to bring them and still pack my normal amount to be away for an extended amount of time. Again, GREAT BAG. WORTH EVERY DOLLAR!!!



We received this bag (rig 9800) as a gift at a golf tournament many years ago, close to 10 yrs. Everyone wants that bag when it comes to vacation, it fits the most stuff and has so many compartments. It has held up the best of all luggage, hard-sided or soft. We recently received the smaller one and it has become my favorite. This is truly great luggage. Trust me this is one that the airlines has not ruined!!


My loyal companion

I'va had a 9800 rig for more than 8 years, it has accompanied me on all my trips!!! enduring different environments, from huracanes to California fires. It has so much room that i could fit all my clothing and stuff in it, without the hassle of maneuvering multiple bags at once... witch was helpful in all sorts of situations. If your are looking for an incredible bag LOOK NO MORE..!!!
And if that doesn't convince you, OGIO offers a lifetime warranty which is awesome, they replaced my bag for nothing more than gratitude when a baggage handler messed it up..!!! Thanks guys at OGIO..!!


Survived a fire

We have been using these gear bags for years. My kids use them to go away for summer camp. Well this year, the truck used to transport the campers luggage from the airport to camp caught on fire. We were lucky these bags did not catch fire, but the camp told us that our OGIO gear bags were the only bags out of 300 where the contents did not get wet or smoke damage on the all.
I love these bags! Durable and great protection!!
These are now the only bags that I will ever buy!



I use this bag for everything. It's awesome for carrying my wardrobe when I'm working in the field and its great for carrying my gear when I just need to move it around. It's been through airports and truck box rides and stair sliding competitions (yes, like on Nitro Circus). This thing is indestructible.

It has a convenient external pocket for wallet, tickets, boarding passes, etc. and a generous amount of different size internal lid pockets for riding jackets, clothes, toiletries, gloves, keys, tools, snacks, even a small laptop if you really wanted to. The large compartment separator works good for putting in a helmet, although I would advise putting your helmet in a helmet bag to avoid dings because the telescopic pull handle goes through the internal compartment.

The compression straps and carrying handles are solid. I don't think you could rip them off if you tried. the sled system is sturdy and the wheels have yet to break on me after a year and a half of almost constant use and abuse.

I have pretty well packed all the basics I would ever need in my life up into this bag and taken it with me everywhere and I couldn't be happier with the product. Cheers, Ogio.


Baggage handlers!

I purchased a 9800 SLED Gear bag what must be 5 years ago, at least. I used this bag for all of my riding trips since the day of purchase and couldn't have been more pleased with it's functionality and durability and cool styling. I could fit everything in this bag and more, it was easy to clean, easy to handle and maneuver and nothing ever failed from wheels to zips to stitching to handles, until.... i took it on a trip back home to Australia from my new home Florida. The bag left my sight at Ft. Lauderdale all neat and clean and in tact and I didn't see it again until I arrived in Brisbane. What a job they did on that bag! All the moulding at the base was cracked, portions missing even. The wheels just folded in when I tried to wheel it anywhere and the side and upper back moulding was also cracked and offering little support making the extension handle stick when sliding in or out. I was so mad when I saw this as after all those years of MX in and out of the back of the truck and getting wheeled from trailer to trailer with not a problem, then I get a baggage handler that wants to make a meal of it. I'm here to buy another SLED but be warned the airline baggage handler!


Track Day Bag

I use this bag for track days and have to say it is very nice to have everything you need in this one bag so it's not all over the place in your truck or trailer. I can easily fit my helment, race suit, back protector, boots, and gloves with no problems. Highly recommended!


Burly bag to use and abuse

I've had this bag since May 2012 and have taken it on a combined total of 8 months of schlepping this thing all over Europe. It's hauled all of my parachuting and camping gear and protected my helmets. Its been dragged down many train station flights of stairs (not carefully carried either thanks to short transfers), endured baggage handlers abuse, been rained on, rolled through muddy grass, slept on, dragged up stairs etc. The sled system shows no signs of giving up - just gouges and scratches to the plastic that would have ended the life of a lesser bag. Well worth the money if you travel a lot and are rough on luggage. It will hold way more than the 50# airline baggage allowance, so keep that in mind when packing.


Best bag I've ever owned

I've traveled to Brazil, China, Sri Lanka, London, Paris, and beat the hell out of this bag every time. It's incredible. The wheels should have broken off by now, but haven't. It collapses when you're not carrying much and expands to the size of a couple small humans.

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