Woman with ogio bag on looks out over mountains and lake

Fill Your OGIO Bag with These Camping Essentials

In this age where everyone is surrounded by technology 24/7, it’s more appealing than ever to take a few days off to explore nature and unplug. There’s a reason it’s not called “The Good Outdoors,” after all. And though some people seem like they were born with a trail pack on their backs, the vast majority of campers are weekend warriors and families looking for a break from civilization.

Maybe you’ve been feeling that itch for adventure yourself lately, but you wouldn’t know a compass from a canteen. You’re not alone – when it comes to things like camping equipment and other necessities, it can be difficult to know where to start. Luckily, OGIO is here with some helpful suggestions for the gear you need to get out there and find a slice of wilderness to call your own.

The Right Gear Requires the Right Pack

First things first, you should determine what type of outdoor activities you’ll be doing, and the terrain. There’s a big difference in the type of gear you’ll need in the forests of the Pacific Northwest versus the deserts of the American Southwest. Will you be parking your car at a local KOA campground, or roughing it on a multi-day backpacking excursion? Here’s a convenient camping checklist to give you some ideas on where to start.

For shorter day hikes, you’ll want a lighter pack that gives you some additional storage options without restricting your movement. Our Atlas 100 Hydration Pack is the ideal choice, with a 3-liter bladder to quench your thirst and multiple zippered pockets to stash everything from a map and compass to granola bars, trail mix and other snacks.

Longer wilderness excursions require a pack that is durable, weatherproof and secure, with room enough to carry the essentials – sleeping bag and pad, fire starter, food, water, clothing. Because you’ll be carrying an entire campsite on your back, you really shouldn’t skimp on comfort or storage here. Our Throttle Pack can do it all and more, with a water-resistant rain hood, external side pockets, internal organization pockets for your pocket knife or multi-tool, and even a fleece-lined electronics pocket to keep whatever tech you bring with you out of harm’s way.

If sitting around a fire ring in a public campground is more your speed, we’ve got you covered. By using your vehicle of choice as additional storage space, you can be less concerned with weight and bring more “quality of life” items. Things like camp chairs, a lantern, portable camping stove and a solid pot for cooking meals, a cooler for beverages, and lots of bug spray will help make the outdoors feel a little more like home. Some campgrounds and parks will even let you bring your ATV – and our Honcho Rear Rack Bag is the perfect blend of simplicity and convenience so you stow and go like a camping pro.

Find Your Own Adventure With OGIO

No matter what level of outdoorsman you are, from tenderfoot to seasoned pro, OGIO has the pack you need to conquer any wilderness you may encounter – from wide open spaces to the concrete jungle. Check out our online store to discover more amazing items for work, play and everything in-between. With OGIO, the Outdoors become Great.