Two business travelers in the airport

Tips for Business Travelers

Business travelers are always looking for ways to make their travels as stress-free as possible. At OGIO we understand the needs of business travelers and provide a large selection of travel products to make your travel easier. Here are some of our top tips for making your journey a little more bearable:

1. Choose your travel times wisely.
If possible, select travel days and times that avoid the rush. Monday mornings and Friday evenings are prime business travel days, which means longer security lines and more crowded flights. Traveling on a Sunday evening or Monday afternoon can help you avoid the crowds.

2. Use the right laptop bag!
Even if you are traveling at peak times, you can make your trip through security easier with a little preplanning. If you use a “checkpoint friendly” laptop bag, you won’t have to remove your computer. One less hassle when you’re removing your shoes and emptying your pockets makes the security process just that much faster.

3. Know the difference in flight terms.
You want to spend as little time traveling as possible. A layover obviously costs you precious time sitting in the airport, but many travelers don’t understand the difference between a “direct” flight and a “non-stop” flight. Direct flights might still stop, but instead of changing planes, you’ll just ┬ábe sitting on the original flight. This still costs you time landing, unloading, and reloading other passengers, and taking off. A non-stop flight, when possible, is your fastest option.

4. Ease those sore muscles.
Bring a tennis ball with you when you travel. It’s lightweight, inexpensive, and packs easily in your travel backpack. It’s a great way to ease stiff, sore muscles. Roll it under your feet, calves, thighs, or back to loosen stiffness. Roll on luggage is another great way to avoid muscle aches. It allows you to effortlessly pull your gear rather than stressing your shoulders and back.

5. Preregister with security.
You can save 15 to 20 minutes with TSA PreCheck. Just show your TSA PreCheck certification on your boarding pass, and you won’t have to remove your shoes, jacket, and belt. Fifteen minutes may not seem like much time, but every minute counts in today’s hectic world.

Whether you’re a seasoned road warrior or an occasional business traveler, OGIO has the gear to fit your travel needs and your budget. Check out our selection before your next trip!