Fit males uses weights to do push-ups.

Train Like an American Ninja Warrior


The new season of American Ninja Warrior premiers on June 1, 2016, and fans across the country are gearing up to watch an all-new batch of contestants test their skills against a daunting obstacle course for a chance to travel to Japan and conquer the formidable Mount Midoriyama.

Would You Have What It Takes?

Contestants competing on American Ninja Warriors don’t just wake up one morning and decide to give it a shot. Before you even consider taking on a master-level obstacle course, you have to prepare your body. Stamina and agility are just the beginning; you need specific skills and a strategic approach to master the game and to prevent serious injuries.

American Ninja Warrior Training Techniques

Contestants employ a variety of training techniques to get ready for the show. Here are a few of the professional disciplines and methods that help them prepare for the many challenges and surprises that come their way.

— Core and strength training stabilizes and fortifies the hips, abdominal region, pelvis, lower back, mid-back and neck. It enables athletes to transfer force between their extremities and use all muscle groups to accomplish a difficult task with less effort.

— CrossFit is a full-body workout regimen that combines the best of cardio, weight training, gymnastics and core training. The intense conditioning program is used in police academies and military training units as well as many types of professional sports.

— Free running and parkour are disciplines that are specifically designed to help athletes get around or through obstacles quickly and efficiently. Parkour focuses on maintaining a fast and consistent speed throughout a difficult set of obstacles. Free running employs various types of flips and other tricks such as precision jumps, lazy vaults and wall passes.

— Martial arts such as Aikido, Jujitsu and Judo impart grace, timing and strategic skill while encouraging harmony between the body and its live or inanimate opponent.

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