Woman with Ogio bag sitting on beach

The Bag You Need to Fit Your Active Lifestyle

Summer is the season for getting out of the house and being active, whether it’s walking the dog or hiking the Appalachian Trail. When looking for a new bag to carry your gear, you don’t want to sacrifice fashion for functionality. And with OGIO’s huge selection of bags and packs, you won’t have to. No matter what your activity of choice may be, we’ve got something to fit your needs. Read on to find out which bag works best with each type of active lifestyle.

A Pack for Every Activity

For Inside to Outside

Long summer days mean plenty of sun and heat, and in some places it can be dangerous to be outside for too long. Often, local gyms will use this time to offer discounts on memberships, so you can take advantage of the amenities (and air conditioning) even if you’re on a budget. From yoga to basketball to free weights, there’s no shortage of options to staying active while indoors, and our line of athletic bags will make sure you show up in style. If your adventures do take you outside this summer, make sure to stay hydrated with our versatile hydration packs, which can haul your gear and quench your thirst in one compact package.

For the Rugged Outdoors

For some people, though, running on a treadmill just isn’t the same as getting out there and covering more natural, aggressive terrain. That’s why we provide a line of rugged trail packs to fit the needs of those who see every mountain path as an opportunity for adventure. Not only are they weatherproof, they come with tons of options to store all your essential gear – even electronics, if your hikes are a bit more cosmopolitan.

For the Ultimate Athlete

Then there are those of us who seek to compete in the toughest of outdoor pursuits, the modern triathlon. These athletes believe that pushing themselves to the limit is what life is all about, and that’s why they trust in OGIO to provide them with official Ironman gear that’s as tough as they are, with a variety of bag types and sizes to store only what they need. Of course, you don’t need to train like a triathlete to use these bags – they’ll hold up through whatever your daily life throws at them.

For the Thrill

Of course, when you’re talking about thrilling outdoor pursuits, there’s nothing that gets your pulse racing faster than seeing the world on two wheels. Whether you’re conquering the dirt track or feeling the freedom of the open road, OGIO’s got you covered. Our line of streamlined moto packs are specially designed to keep all your items safe and secure so you can focus on the road ahead. And you can capture all the action safely with our action camera bags, too.

The Perfect Pack is Waiting at OGIO

With OGIO, you can feel safe knowing that there’s a pack out there that perfectly fits your on-the-go lifestyle. Visit our online store to find the right one today so you can get back out there and keep moving!