Four young people walk down the sidewalk, each wearing a different type of backpack or bag.

Find Your Match: These Packs Play Nice With Fitness Tech


Back in the day, the idea of “fitness tech” began and ended with a watch, a compass and a backpack. Enter the 21st century, and technology surrounds us constantly – whether we want it to or not. But that doesn’t mean you can’t put it to work when it comes to being active. Let’s break down a couple of different styles of fitness tech and show you how OGIO has the perfect product to accompany your particular brand of outdoor activity.

Fitness Tech: Fitness Tracker

Pairs With: OGIO Hydration Packs

Fitness trackers are all the rage nowadays, with many different styles that can do everything from tracking your steps, monitoring your heart rate, and even monitoring your sleeping habits. Though it can feel a little silly wearing some of them around your wrist, as long as it keeps people active, we’re in favor. If you’re well below your total steps for the day and need to go for a nice long nature walk, don’t forget to stay hydrated. Our Erzberg 70 Hydration Pack is lightweight, with a padded air mesh back panel to keep you comfortable and dry, and provides easy access to up to 2 liters of water on your hike. For longer, more strenuous excursions, the Atlas 100 pack carries up to 3 liters of water, with mesh pockets on either shoulder strap that can hold anything from trail mix to energy gels to keep you moving.

Fitness Tech: GPS Device

Pairs With: OGIO ATV Wilderness Packs

Like the fitness tracker’s older, smarter big brother, a GPS system can be invaluable whether you’re out riding established trails or off-roading on your dirt bike or ATV. While the more advanced models can even import trail maps and be used like your car’s GPS, even standard-issue GPS units can be a big help when trying to find your staging area or campsite after a long day of riding. Then again, getting lost isn’t the worst thing in the world when you’ve got all your gear with you. Strap our Honcho line of front and rear rack bags to your ATV, and you’ve got almost 10,000 cubic inches of space at your disposal, plus a padded back rest to keep you comfortable after a full day on wheels. If you prefer two wheels to four, we’ve still got you covered – stash your gear in our All Elements Pack or Throttle Pack to keep things secure and dry, even if your ride isn’t.

Fitness Tech: GoPro Action Camera

Pairs With: OGIO Action Camera Packs

It used to be that pulling off an insane jump or catching a massive wave was a “you had to be there” moment. Cameras were too expensive and fragile to risk taking on all your wild adventures. That is, until GoPro came along and revolutionized the action camera industry. With their Hero line of cameras, you can film all your exploits in high definition and share them with the whole world. However, though they’re certainly tough, action cameras aren’t indestructible. That’s why our Action Camera Vault is made from EVA molded crush-proof material with a laser-cut foam insert to keep your GoPro Hero camera secure and ready at a moment’s notice. Or sling the Backstage Pack over your shoulder for additional storage and hydration bladder compatibility. OGIO’s line of action camera packs is ready to go wherever you do.

OGIO is Your Fitness Tech Matchmaker

Whether you’re counting steps, riding trails or filming your next highlight video to stream online, there’s fitness tech out there that can help you make the most of your time outdoors. And if you’re worried that all of your new toys won’t play nice together, don’t be! No matter what type of fitness tech you use, OGIO has just the right pack to fit your needs and work in sync with all your gear.