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OGIO Salutes: Motocross Athlete with Attitude Jolene Van Vugt

Moto Women Silhouette

One motocross athlete is breaking records and blazing a trail for women in the sport. Jolene Van Vugt, of Ontario, is the first female Motocross athlete to complete a backflip on a dirt bike. She also holds the Guinness World Record for the longest dirt bike backflip completed by a female. Her obvious talent for the sport and fearless approach to uncharted maneuvers has clinched her a host of Championships and made her a fan favorite. As a member of “Nitro Circus Live”, Van Vugt performs her daring stunts for rapt audiences, including many women and girls who are excited to see such a formidable representation of females in the traditionally male-dominated sport.

As a young girl Van Vugt was intent on shaking the more conventionally feminine path that her mother had envisioned for her. Figure skating and ballet were originally encouraged by Van Vugt’s mother, but after exploring several hobbies, Van Vugt decided to follow her father’s passions into Motocross. Once her dedication to the sport was made clear, her parents backed her aspirations as she quickly climbed the ranks in the Canadian women’s motocross circuit.

Today, Van Vugt continues to excel in motocross events around the world, and has even gone Hollywood. She performed Catwoman’s driving stunts in the 2012 Batman iteration, The Dark Knight Rises.

It’s athletes like Jolene Van Vugt that are helping to advance the sport by breaking records and barriers alike. Also, she’s really fun to watch! Check out the link to see her amazing backflip!

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