4 Mother’s Day Gift Bag Ideas

Mom’s do so much for their families every day, but there’s only one day a year we actually stop to celebrate our mother’s love. Whether she’s your mom, the mother of your children, or the woman who practically raised you, take some time to really show her how much she has made a difference in your life. OGIO has put together four gift bag ideas, complete with the bag and the gifts to fill it with. Have fun mixing and matching, or putting together your own gift bag idea!

The Hampton Retreat

Red Purse

Bag: Hampton’s Women’s Tote Bag

This tote is perfect for the type of lady who likes to keep it simple, but still really appreciates the fine details. Button and bow accents give it the right amount of femininity, but it functions perfectly when she needs to take it all with her in one bag. You can check out the color options here!

In the Bag: Give her the perfect getaway by placing a gift card for a day at the spa in the card slots in the side organizer pocket. Give her something to read while she’s being pampered by slipping in a Nook or Kindle in the pocket designed to protect it.


The Brooklyn Babe

Bag: Brooklyn Women’s Tablet Purse

For the classy mom, the Brooklyn Tablet Purse keeps it organized – just like her. It’s filled with pockets, organizer panels and two large main compartments where you can store the extra surprises. Check out all the color options here!

In the Bag: The large compartments are perfect for surprising her with a new beauty regimen, including SHISEIDO Future Solution LX Total Regenerating Body Cream, LA PRAIRIE Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Dry Oil, BIOR Vernis classic nail polish line, and a smoky Laura Mercier Flawless Contouring Palette. She’ll be feeling her best in no time!


The Totes Ultimate Mom

Grey Tote

Bag: Lisbon Tote

Made for the young mom, this bag works perfect for toting around baby things – without looking like a diaper machine. Cute and stylish, it has all the pockets, organizers and compartments perfect for ensuring your young mom will know exactly where that pacifier is.

In the Bag: You can celebrate her motherhood with the bag, but also celebrate her womanhood by showing her how attractive she is. Throw in some Victoria Secret lingerie, Giorgio Armani Eye Tints, and a bottle of Narciso Eau De Parfum.


The Go-Getter

maroon backpack

Bag: Soho Women’s Laptop Backpack

This stylish laptop backpack is made for the modern mom with an old-school look. She needs the efficiency of a laptop bag, but has always made her own statement in life – and she’ll continue to do that with this pack. Check out color options here!

In the Bag: She likes the freedom of choosing, so get her an Amazon gift card that allows her to pick what she wants. Throw in a home-made coupon good for a day with just the two of you, her choice of events, and she will not only appreciate the options, but your personal touch.





Define Your Back to School Backpack Style

The new school year means new supplies and new starts. It’s a time to reinvent, reaffirm, or simply reengage yourself. And when it comes to preparing yourself for school, one of the most important items to pick out is your backpack. In addition to toting all your books and materials around for nine months, your backpack needs to express your personality. To help you figure out what look and feel is right for you, OGIO has come up with this helpful backpack style guide:

Sleek and Reliable

Squadron 15 Laptop Bag

If you like clean lines and unbeatable protection, the Squadron 15 Laptop Bag is for you! The Squadron has extra padding and special compartments to expertly protect your laptop and other electronics. It also has a variety of pockets to help you stay organized when school gets hectic. The black material and silver buckles give the pack a simple yet modern look. The Squadron goes well with laid back school or gym clothes, but is also appropriate to wear with dress clothes (making it ideal for graduate students or students with professional internships). This bag is perfect for busy and motivated students who are always on the go!


Bright and Trendy

Purple water color Operatix backpack

Bright colors are very much in fashion at the moment. At OGIO one of our favorite brights is the Purple Watercolor print on our Operatix bag. This unique and thoroughly eye-catching pattern is a great way to make a splash and assert your style on the first day of school. With water bottle and accessory packets, as well as a special area for tablets and readers, the Operatix is perfect for stylishly storing all your back to school must haves. Check out the Operatix in our Pixie and Blue Onion color options for more bright bags.


Bold and Comfortable

Bandit back to school backpack

Bold geometric patterns are also very popular right now. From graphic tees to journal covers, you’re sure to see shapes prominently displayed on lots of back to school items. Backpacks are no exception. OGIO’s Bandit 17 Laptop Bag in Spectro is a great example of how to work trendy geometric figures into your look. Its fun color scheme will definitely help set it apart from similar products. But the Bandit bag won’t just look good, it will feel good too. It’s designed with a hybrid unibody back panel to provide ultimate comfort throughout the day.


Stylish and Sophisticated

Midtown back to school messenger bag

If you are looking for something a bit different, why not consider a shoulder bag? Our Midtown Women’s Messenger Bag is ideal for someone who wants a bag that is a little more professional than the average backpack. With its brief case look and incredible compartment space, this product is especially great for college students. Whether you need to store your laptop, a term paper, or things for a part time job, the Midtown Messenger has got you covered. The bag also comes in seven gorgeous colors so you can find the perfect fit for your individual style.

For these great bags and other back to school products, visit OGIOs new back to school section. Make sure you are taking on the new academic year with a bag that suits all y0ur needs and expresses who you are

What’s Your Pastel Personality?

One of the biggest trends lighting up the spring runways and being spotted on the streets this season is pastels. The candy-colored hues are bright, cheerful and the perfect pop of color we all need after a brutal winter. How do you choose the right pastel shade for you? While it’s hard to go wrong with pastels, some shades are more flattering for certain skin and hair colors. Donning your perfect pastel is also a great way to express your personality. Here’s the lowdown on the top pastels this season:


Unlike its more garish cousins, the pastel version of yellow actually reads quite subdued and sophisticated. This yellow is cool and pale without the bright brassiness of sunflower shades. This hue is versatile and looks effortlessly chic. Treat it like a neutral and pair it with black, white or other pastels.

Redheads and those with yellow skin tones and blue eyes (think Cameron Diaz) will shine in this hue. Beware those with pale, cooler toned complexions and black hair as pale yellow will not be as flattering on ice princess types.


Nothing says ‘spring’ like green, and cool mints are all the rage right now. Pastel greens channel a fresh, hip, smart vibe for a look that is both understated and eye-catching. This color is perfect for a quirky, cerebral type. It pairs well with white and it’s color wheel opposite, pink. The freshest way to wear it is a green denim pant.

Those with olive tones in their skin may want to avoid pastel green around the face. This color pops with blue eyes, cooler tones, and black hair (think Zooey Deschanel).

Soft, innocent, and unabashedly feminine, pastel pink is the ultimate expression of girlish charm. (That’s not to say that a guy can’t make it work too! There is something very manly about a dude who is confident enough to wear pink.) The girl who wears pink projects sweetness and charisma. Wear it with camel for a more sophisticated Grace Kelly look.

Redheads may want to steer clear of this hue as it can clash with their tresses. Salmon tones shine on darker complexions, while baby pink and blush looks stunningly appropriate on blondes.

Robin’s egg blue is another spring classic. Light blue evokes tranquility, serenity and an ethereal quality. It’s very on-trend paired with green this season.

The right shade is almost universally flattering, but blue helps blue eyes pop and also strikes a stunning contrast on dark complexions.

Now that you know your pastel personality, pick up your favorite shades from OGIO.com!

Diva Luxe Stand Bag

Diva Luxe Womens golf bag


operatrix women's backpack

Groove Golf Short

Grooveshort men's golf short

OGIO Bag Symbols Decoded, Pt. 1

Apparently there has been some confusion and speculation regarding the OGIO bag symbols which appear on the OGIO bag pockets. Admittedly, some of them are a little cryptic. We’ll be revealing the meanings of all OGIO bag symbols in a four part series. But feel free to share your own creative interpretations, as helloemarie did:



Close, but no cigar, hellomarie! This symbol actually means ‘No Boys’, as in ‘this is a compartment for lady stuff’. *OGIO does not condone the use of our products for the carriage of humans.

More symbols, revealed:


“The Cubicle Chick” on the Women’s OGIO Hampton’s Tote Bag: “I like that it is girly, yet durable enough for heavy travel”


We’ve got another OGIO convert with Danyelle Little, better known as The Cubicle Chick, at her career, family, and tech blog. What is it that made The Cubicle Chick fall in love with OGIO? The Hampton’s women’s tote bag, of course.

Danyelle begins her review by describing her hectic schedule traveling to Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, and Chicago, noting:

“I love the depth and space of the bag and I can fit all of my tech essentials in the bag (my essentials being: 2013 MacBook Air, iPad 3, iPad Mini, Samsung Galaxy Camera, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S 4, Verizon Jetpack, and all of my cords and wires). The side pockets are useful. and the padded interior keeps your technology safe and secure.”

You’re essentials sound a lot like our essentials, Danyelle.

She also mentions the wonderful reactions she receives when traveling with her Hampton’s tote bag:

“I get so many compliments when I am out and about with my bag, and I like that it is girly, yet durable enough for heavy travel.”

Thank you Danyelle for the wonderful review! Check out The Cubicle Chick’s review of the Hampton’s women’s tote bag and then click the image below to buy a stylish tote bag for yourself.

Stylish Women's Tote Bag

Click to visit the product page


  • Fully padded fleece lined laptop compartment with elastic closure fits most 15” laptops
  • Padded iPad/tablet/e-reader pocket
  • Three functional side flap pockets
  • Fully padded base protects laptop
  • Large zippered interior compartment
  • Two interior elastic side pockets for cord and water bottle storage
  • Zippered interior valuables pocket
  • Removable decorative belt
  • Easy access fully featured organizer panel with zippered stash pocket
  • Padded grab handles
  • High visibility liner
  • Custom metal trims
  • Laptop sleeve 11.5”h x 12.5” w x 1.5”d


  • Dimensions: 15″ H x 16.5″ W x 4″ D
  • Weight: 1.6 Lbs.
  • Capacity: 1000 Cubic Inches
  • Laptop Pocket: 14.5″Hx10.5″Wx1″D