Ten New Songs to Amp Your Workout

With February nearing an end, you might find that all your lofty fitness resolutions are starting to fall by the wayside. Just in case you need a little extra motivation, we’ve compiled a list of ten awesome new songs to help get revamp your workouts. So add these tunes to your iPod, grab your OGIO duffel bag, and get back on track!

The Messed Up Kids- Jake Bugg

Jake Bugg preforming

If you don’t know about Jake Bugg yet, it’s time to check him out. This talented 19 year old is being touted as the “British rock wunderkind” and “England’s new working class hero”.  Bugg is an honest lyricist whose songs range in style from country/ folk to punk rock. His self-entitled album was released at the end of 2012 followed by his sophomore album “Shangri La” a year later.  While “Lightning Bolt,” “Two Fingers,” “Slumville Sunrise” and “What Doesn’t Kill You” are all workout – worthy, try “The Messed Up Kids” first. This soulful tune showcases a little bit of everything Bugg is capable of and works great as warm up song. Ease into it on the verses and push yourself on the more up tempo chorus.

House of Gold- Twenty One Pilots

Twenty One Pilots preforming

When trying to describe Twenty One Pilots, the word that comes to mind is quirky. According to MTV the duo describes their style as a, “distinctive fusion of piano-driven schizoid pop and lyrical uplift.” This roughly translates to the fact that they rap, rock, and croon their way through their first studio album “Vessel.” The CD’s second single “House of Gold” features ukulele accompaniment, endearing lyrics, and a steady beat that make it a fun early workout song.

Laura Palmer- Bastille

Bastille preforming

Bastille’s chart topping single “Pompeii” made many “Top Work Out Songs of 2013” lists. This London based indie pop quartet’s debut album, “Bad Blood”, has plenty more tracks to make you sweat. For a heart pounding work out, check out “Laura Palmer.” Even if you don’t get the pop culture references to the cult television show Twin Peaks, this song is still sure to please.  It’s fast paced, intense, and has the potential to get stuck in your head just as easily as “Pompeii”.

Burn- Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding preforming

As the current queen of electropop, Ellie Goulding has produced a few workout playlist essentials. Her new hit “Burn” is another clubby track that will fit nicely into your cardio routine. Goulding herself is actually somewhat of fitness idol, with a half marathon and multiple workout shoots under her belt. So add this tune to your to your iPod and jam out while you “burn” fat like pop princess… sorry, couldn’t resist. The pun may be bad, but the song is pretty good.

Kangaroo Court- Capital Cities

Capital Cities preforming

You’ve probably danced to Capital Cities’ “Safe & Sound” over the last few months (whether in a club or in the car… we don’t judge). But the second single from this LA based band Indie pop band is even jazzier. With its steady beat and dancey rhythm, it’s perfect for hitting your stride and keeping you interested mid workout.

Falling- Haim

Haim photo

These three California sisters burst through the music scene in 2013, gaining notoriety in the United States, a spot at the 2014 Coachella Valley Festival, and a number one album in the UK. Haim’s music is reminiscent of decades gone by (often being attributed to artists like Fleetwood Mac) while still being very current and hip. Their new single “Falling” has a particularly fun, 80’s sound. It’s what Rolling Stone calls “the kind of micro triumph you sit up and root for.” With its refreshingly unexpected sound, this is a song that will also make you want to stand up and root for yourself when your workout is starting to drag.

Hey Brother- Avicii

Avicii DJ

You’re probably familiar with (and maybe even a little sick of) Avicii’s international hit “Wake Me Up.” But the Swedish house DJ’s new single “Hey Brother” is arguably more interesting and equally workout – compatible. The song combines impressive vocals from American bluegrass singer Dan Tyminski (the man behind O Brother, Where Art Thou?’s “Man of Constant Sorrow”) and the signature dance beat Avicii is known for. This awesome piece of folktronica will add something a little different to your routine.

Do I Wanna Know - Arctic Monkeys

Arctic Monkeys preforming

Cheeky English Indie rock band, the Arctic Monkey’s, have been played on select U.S. circuits since their forming in 2002, but they haven’t really made it big in America… until now. Their latest album “AM” is enjoying big success across the pond from their UK home. The band has already sold out its first U.S. stadium show. “AM’s” first track “Do I Wanna Know” is the perfect hill song for bikers and runners. It has a slower beat so you won’t exhaust yourself, but a powerful tone to keep you super motivated.

 The Man- Aloe Blacc 

Aloe Blacc preforming

Singer songwriter Aloe Blacc has been part of the music scene for a while. But while he’s had past singles such as “I Need a Dollar” and “Loving You is Killing Me,” “The Man” is his first Billboard Top 100 hit. The song, which was also featured in prime time commercials for Beats headphones, has an inspirational vibe that is somewhat akin to R. Kelly’s epic nineties hit “I Believe I Can Fly.” It’s the perfect new tune to help you power through the end of your workout even when you’re totally spent.

XO- Beyonce

Beyonce preforming

Of course no playlist would be complete without a track from Queen B. “XO” is one of the highlights of Beyoncé’s new self-titled album. It is a passionate number that is both magnificently powerful as well as sweet. With its slower tempo, this song is great choice for a cool down or some ab exercises at the end of a workout.

Just like great music, the right equipment is essential to having a productive workout. Make sure you’re properly outfitted for your gym sessions, runs, bike trips, and other fitness activities. OGIO’s endurance athletic gear can help you meet your all goals. Check out our fantastic selection of high quality sports backpacks and athletic bags. Work it out!


Blog Giveaway: Stick To Your Resolutions!

Stick to Your Resolutions Giveaway

So we’re a month into the New Year already, and if you’re like most people, your dedication to those lofty resolutions is already starting to lag.  It’s not too late to get back on track with your goals! Here are some tips and tricks to give your New Year’s goals a kick in the you-know-what:


• Write it down: There’s something about putting it on paper that makes an intention so much more tangible. Write it on a post-it, whiteboard, papyrus scroll, and you will feel more accountable for getting it done. Plus, it feels so good to cross it off your list when you accomplish it!

• Break it up: Break up your big goals into smaller, more manageable tasks. For example, if your goal is something big and general like ‘get healthy’, start by looking up some new healthy recipes and cooking at home once a week. Once you’ve got that down, layer on another task like walking 20 minutes each day or trying that new kickboxing class.


• Tell a friend: Sharing your goals with others will make it harder to give up, you sissy. Bounce fitness and nutrition ideas off each other for fitspiration! And lean on others for support when that slice of pepperoni pizza is calling your name. OGIO wants to help you stick to it, so we’re going to give away a 9.0 Endurance Bag to one lucky fan. Enter below, and good luck!


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The OGIO Gift Guide for Spontaneous (i.e., last minute) Shoppers


Gift Guide

So Christmas is just days away, and you might have been too busy riding your dirt bike, hitting the links and ‘living in the moment’ to finish all your gift shopping in advance. No worries, the Ogio Gift Guide has the last-minute-special-something for (nearly) everyone on your list. Order by noon Friday to guarantee delivery by December 24th!

For Her

The Monaco Messenger bag offers versatility and organized compartments for everyday use.

Monaco Messenger Bag


For Him

He’ll love the versatile, wind and water resistant Instinct ¼ Zip Jacket both on the course and off.

Instinct 1/4 Zip Jacket

Instinct 1/4 Zip Jacket


For the Adventure Seekers

The All Elements Pack is serious gear for the serious adventurist. Whether biking or backpacking, this weatherproof pack keeps essentials protected and organized.

All Elements Pack

All Elements Pack


For the Golfer

Help the golfer in your life upgrade his game with the ultra-light, weather resistant Wisp Stand Bag.

Wisp Stand Bag

Wisp Stand Bag


For the Globe Trotter

The Ascender 22” and 30” inch travel bags will take any jetsetter from terminal to taxi with ease and style.




For the Professional

Professional, polished, and efficient in design, the 15” New Slim case has an array of smartly organized compartments to hold the savvy careerists’ tools and toys.

New Slim

New Slim


Top Seller

You can’t go wrong with our wildly popular Renegade RSS 17 Laptop Backpack. With its sleek style, ergonomic design and protective laptop compartment, it’s no wonder this is our top seller.



You can’t go wrong with our wildly popular Renegade RSS 17 Laptop Backpack. With its sleek style, ergonomic design and protective laptop compartment, it’s no wonder this is our top seller.


Under $50

The Tribune 17 Laptop Backpack is durable, efficient and just the right price. Perfect for the student on your list.




For You

You’ve worked (kind of) hard getting awesome swag for all your lucky loved ones, now reward yourself with one of Ogio’s specially priced items. The Squadron 15 Laptop Backpack is bound to look sharp on someone with your good taste!




OGIO Opens First Retail Store in Beijing

OGIO International has truly lived up to its name with its very first retail store in Beijing, China, scheduled to open today. After growing a loyal customer base in Europe, North America and, most recently, Asia, OGIO has taken the next step by using the new retail store to develop a custom-designed collection for Beijing shoppers.

“Our success formula of developing unique adrenaline raising styles with intelligent design features sparked our rapid growth over the past four years,” commented Tony Palma, OGIO’s CEO. “We are proud and excited to introduce a collection, specifically selected for the Chinese market, at our first retail store in the brand new, upscale Aegean Beijing Shopping Mall. Located in the busy district on North 3rd Ring of Beijing, the modern design of the building, along with the world’s leading fashion companies as anchors, is destined to be a new attraction for Beijing residents.”

This new shop is just the first step of many in plans to expand into the retail market, says Tony Palma, CEO. He says the intent is to begin unveiling these exclusive OGIO retail stores Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Chongqing and Shenzhen over the next 6 to 18 months. Demand for OGIO products has grown exponentially over the past several years after gaining a reputation for high-quality, well-designed bags and apparel for the active and sport-enthused audiences. Standby favorites such as the Renegade RSS 17 combined with innovative new products like the RBSS 9800 have garnered OGIO a dedicated base of customers.

As a loyal OGIO fan, what do you hope to see at an OGIO retail store? Or, Where would you like to see the next OGIO retail store pop up? Let us know!


Caring for your OGIO Bag…The Nice Way

We know that many of our customers use our products in all different kinds of ways. Some of you use the RIG 9800 for your MX gear, others use the Endurance bags for training and competition, and some of you take a backpack from home to the office. No matter how you use your OGIO bag, it’s bound to get dirty, grimy and yes, even smelly.

I use the Endurance 9.0 for all of my mountain biking gear and after a good long ride I’ll throw my sweat-soaked helmet, jersey, shorts, socks and gloves into the bag and head home. But after about 7 uses, I noticed that my bag started to stink. Imagine that! Not to mention that it started to pick up dirt and grease just from having the bag on the ground and next to my bike during transportation. 

So, how do clean your OGIO product?

OGIO products are designed to provide you with many years of use, however, it is important that you take the following steps for proper care.  Before we begin, it is important to note that any damaged caused to your OGIO bag due to cleaning will void the products warranty. Please be careful and use common sense.

1) Use a mild soap (never use detergents or solvents) and a damp sponge, wipe out the inside and outside of the bag.  Be sure to completely air dry the product with all zippers open prior to storing.

2) Stubborn stains may require scrubbing with a soft bristle nylon brush. However, please note that excessive cleaning may damage the protective coatings provided by the manufacturer and is NOT recommended.

3) Never put your bag in the dryer as the heat may damage the manufacturers protective coatings.  You should also keep it away from direct sunlight and away from direct heat sources (such as the oven, a space heater, radiator, etc).

4) The use of solvents and dryers may damage your bag.

5) Always store your bag in a cool, dry place.

That should be it! You’re on your way to a very clean bag. And I’m on my way to the mountain for another ride. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our warranty department. You can reach them at 800.922.1944 or at warranty@ogio.com.

Behind the Scenes – World of OGIO Video Shoot

Have you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes during a video shoot? Wonder no more. Here’s an inside look behind the scenes of our most recent promo video,”The World of OGIO.”

See both the behind the scenes footage and final promo video below. Are you ready to join the World of OGIO? Enjoy!



Want more behind the scenes access? Tell us what you want to see in the comments section.



OGIO Introduces Exclusive Line of Red Bull Signature Series Bags

OGIO and Red Bull have teamed up to create an exclusive line of premium bags designed especially for The Red Bull Signature Series, an action sports event that airs all year long on NBC.  The bags are designed with the needs of high-performance athletes in mind, and they will be made available on OGIO.com, RedBullShop.us, and some specialty retailers beginning October 1st.

The Red Bull Signature Series broadcasts the most exciting snowboard, surf, wakeboard, skate, mountain bike, BMX and FMX events. OGIO selected a special team of designers to create a line of products that would live up to the fast-paced, high-performance reputation that Red Bull Signature Series has maintained. The result is a high-quality, innovative line of 10 bags, each including unique features that fit the Red Bull Signature Series lifestyle.


RBS 9800 – A custom-colored sled system deck with a wide mouth LID opening and large main compartment. Features heavy duty oversized wheels, a compression strap system and a telescoping pull handle. Also crafted with an iFOM (integrated foam construction). MSRP $279.99

RBS Gear Bag – Specifically designed to have a dedicated boot pocket with a changing mat and multiple carry handles. Also features a suspended padded valuables pocket and multiple stretch-mesh pockets. The hardware is all custom made to Red Bull Signature Series specs. MSRP $179.99

RBS Hydration Pack – A unique design, this pack has a full-access front stash pocket to fit tubes, bike pumps, etc. It also has a top access hydration port and is made with light-weight shoulder straps and a waist belt and sternum strap. MSRP $64.99

RBS Tech Pack – This pack comes equipped with dedicated Red Bull can holsters. It also has a padded laptop pocket and internal tablet sleeve. The quick access drop fleece pocket, and front slip/flap pockets offer multiple storage options. MSRP $89.99

RBS Day Pack – One of the most versatile packs in the collection, this pack will go anywhere with its padded internal laptop sleeve, tablet sleeve, and external Red Bull can holders. The organizer panel and hidden side stash pockets make it great for everyday use including work or school. MSRP $49.99

RBS Roll-top Pack – The unique roll-top pack has a roll-over lid closure and wide top-loading for easy access and protection from the elements. The front zippered stash pocket allows for quick storage when on-the-go. MSRP $39.99

RBS Carry-on – A uniquely styled retro carryon with a large main compartment and multiple grab handles. Features a front slip pocket and top easy access pocket. Custom detailed hardware is utilized with the exterior finishes. MSRP $149.99

RBS No Drag – Designed for wind resistance while riding your street bike, it features a streamlined molded exterior shell and bolstered back foam profile. It also comes equipped with a dedicated laptop and shoe storage compartment and is hydration ready. MSRP $149.99

RBS Travel Duffel – The perfect grab and go weekend duffel was designed to offer convenient storage during travel; comes equipped with a large main compartment, 3 external side stash pockets and 1 medium sized side pocket. Also features haul handles and an adjustable diagonal shoulder strap. MSRP $79.99

RBS Skate Pack – Designed for Red Bull Signature Series’ top skate athletes. Intelligently crafted with heavy webbing compression straps and skate straps/waist belt/sternum strap. Features the eye-catching Red Bull Can Holsters. MSRP $69.99

“We’re not just an adrenaline bag designer, we are a creative and unique entity dedicated to offering the entire world a bag option that will suit their hobbies or daily activities,” said Tony Palma, CEO of OGIO. “Having Red Bull recognize that direction in our company and reach out for a joint venture is a huge step in the industry. We’re looking forward to introducing these models that will change the game for anyone looking for the most dependable bag option.”

“Sharing an ongoing commitment to elevating progression and innovation in action sports makes OGIO an ideal strategic partner for the Red Bull Signature Series,” said Sean Eggert, Head of Sports, Red Bull North America. “The collection is super functional and will give high performing athletes and sports-minded enthusiasts a trusted product line in the playgrounds they play in.”

The full line will be available October 1st, with a few products available now! Head over to the Red Bull tab on the OGIO website and take a look before they’re gone!

Despite its name, the OGIO Covert shoulder bag is being seen everywhere!

During the month of June, our Covert bag appeared in over 20 reviews and news spotlights! Perhaps Covert isn’t the best name for this amazingly popular bag.

“…a really nice manly look to it.”

– CBS San Antonio – KENS, 6/15/2013

“so sleek, so simple…a fantastic bag, great for the airport as well.”

– ABC Washington – WJLA, 6/10/2013

It makes sense that the Covert bag would leave such an impression on people. Whether the 11” shoulder bag style or the deeper 13” style, the Covert bag is simply put an elegant laptop shoulder bag that’s both functional and beautiful.

Take a look at what the OGIO Covert shoulder bag has to offer, then add one to your shopping cart. Perhaps it’s too early to start thinking of the upcoming holiday season travel schedules, but as Trae Bodge, senior editor and media spokesperson for Retailmenot.com, says the Covert bag is “great for the airport.



  • Front compartment is designed to fit a range of netbooks or tablets with screens up to 11” in size
  • Protective storage pockets include zipper guards to prevent screen damage
  • Additional storage space for critical documents and accessories
  • Padded secondary zippered compartment for versatile storage
  • Front access zippered audio pocket with hidden audio port
  • Padded adjustable shoulder strap
  • Nylon webbing top handles
  • Padded quick access back panel slip pocket


  • Grosgrain, Nylon slub, 1000D Kodra fabrics with water-resistant coating, Hypalon, Nylon webbing, Vislon zippers


  • Dimensions: 13″ H x 12.75″ W x 2.75″ D
  • Weight: 1.6 Lbs.
  • Capacity: 700 Cubic Inches
  • Laptop Pocket: 12″Hx7.75″Wx.75″D




  • Main padded compartment is designed to fit a range of laptops with screens up to 13” in size with quilted liner and zipper guard
  • Secondary compartment accommodates accessories and smart phone
  • Front access zippered audio pocket with hidden audio port
  • Padded adjustable shoulder strap
  • Nylon webbing top handles
  • Padded quick access back panel slip pocket


  • Grosgrain, Nylon slub, 1000D Kodra fabrics with water-resistant coating, Hypalon, Nylon webbing, Vislon zippers


  • Dimensions: 14″ H x 9.5″ W x 2.5″ D
  • Weight: 1.4 Lbs.
  • Capacity: 550 Cubic Inches
  • Laptop Pocket: 13″Hx9.25″Wx1″D

PHOT-OGIO: A Photoshopped Collection of OGIO Apparel

Phot-ogio graphic

It’s not every day that we get to play dress-up with our OGIO online store items, which is why we went a little bit overboard to put together this Photoshopped OGIO model. We assure you that this photo is 100% Photoshopped. Enjoy!


Vortex Ogio golf jacketThe Vortex Full Zip Golf Jacket is of 100% smooth face poly mid-weight construction. It’s mechanical stretch allows for a full range of motion. Wind-resistant material provides thermal protection from chilling temperatures. Front pockets provide for both warm and protection of valuables. It’s fashion forward style allows for “on-course-off-off-course” wear.




ogio groove golf pantsThis 94/6 poly spandex Groove Golf Pant comes in white and black and is fashion forward. It’s lightweight stretch and woven fabric is generous for a full wide range of motion. The Groove Golf Pant has easy care fabric and custom pocket lining.




Ogio tool pack beltThe 450 Tool Pack Waist Belt is a deluxe front flip down tool organizer pouch. The Right side necessity pocket has a water resistant zipper along with an expandable beverage stow-away holster with cinch strap. Weighing just 1.4 Lbs. and a capacity of 450 Cubic inches, the 450 Tool Pack Waist Belt is designed of 840 dobby nylon, 420D dobby nylon and nonslip PVC.




aquatech golf stand bagWeighing just 4.2 Lbs. with a custom fit waterproof rain hood, the Aquatech Golf Stand Bag is lined with a lightweight waterproof fabric. For your valubales, the Aquatech Golf Stand Bag has a fleece lined valuables pocket with a cell phone sleeve.




Newt II monostrap backpackThe 2Lbs., 900 cubic inch capacity Newt II Mono Strap Backpack comes with 1680 D Ballistic Nylon, 300D Oxford Ply, 210D poly cotton. This lightweight backpack has a dual density soft neck mono strap evenly and comfortably distributes weight on your back. Have a tablet or iPhone that you would like to take with you? No problem, the backpack comes with a padded tablet pocket and a fleece lined iPhone/audio side hip pocket with headphone slit.

OGIO Products Featured in USAtoday and Macworld

Every so often, we get featured in magazines, on television, in news articles, on blogs etc.. We don’t intend to brag or anything, but it does feel nice to see so many people saying great things about the OGIO product line. We thought it would be nice to show you a few of those things that people are saying.

OGIO Hampton’s Women’s Tote Bag Featured in USA Today


In a special featured on Sunday, August 4th on USAtoday.com, several products were featured as great gadgets for gals. Jennifer Jolly, special contributor, showcased 10 products that women will love including the OGIO Hamton’s Women’s Tote Bag.

Here’s what Jennifer had to say about Hampton’s Women’s Tote Bag.

Hampton's Womens Tote Bag

Price: $70 Source: USA TODAY

“it is designed with padded slots, sleeves and pockets to carry your laptop, your tablet, and all of the cables and accessories needed to keep your gadgets going — in addition to whatever else you need to haul around. And, of course, it comes in a variety of colors, one of which is sure to please. I’ve been using this for about three months now and have gotten many, many compliments on it.”


OGIO Renegade RSS 17 Backpack Featured in Macworld.


In every issue of Macworld they feature the bag of the month. In the August 2013 issue, the OGIO Renegade RSS 17 Backpack was featured as the bag of the month for its comfort and security.

“The $150 Renegade RSS 17 from OGIO (ogio.com) is a tough and durable bag for work and sport. Constructed from rugged polyester and measuring 19.5 inches high by 14 inches wide by 10 inches deep, it has a carrying capacity of 1800 cubic inches and weighs a hefty 3.5 pounds. The bag fits 15-inch and smaller laptops and provides four compartments: a sizable main space, separate areas for your laptop and tablet, and an organizer panel filled with pouches.

Ogio Backpack

Price: $150 Source: Macworld

The Renegade RSS 17’s laptop compartment is padded with quilted red material- all of the bag’s safe soft areas for gadgets are marked in red. The laptop compartment also includes a firm, padded structure at its bottom to ensure that your computer will never come in contact with the ground. One bonus is the Tech Vault pocket at the bag’s top: You can adjust its soft liner to improve protection of smartphones, cameras, or sunglasses. The Renegade easily accommodated all of my gadgets, electronics, and work items, but the flip side of its generous capacity was that I couldn’t fit it under an airline seat. Still, despite its size, I was impressed by how comfortable it was to wear. If you need to carry a lot of gear, the Renegade is up to the challenge. – Amber Bouman