Safety Tips for Winter Bike Travel

Bicycling to work or for fun does not have to end just because summer is over. In fact, winter biking can be an exhilarating activity that helps you stay fit, burn off stress and may just make your daily commute a little more pleasurable. Before heading out into the fresh snow, take a few precautions to ensure you can enjoy a safe, fun ride.

1. Dress warmly.
Light layers are best, but try to avoid overdressing since you will be producing plenty of your own heat. Wear a base layer that will wick sweat away from your skin, add a fleece top to insulate and top with a brightly colored or reflective soft shell or waterproof jacket depending on the weather conditions. Because your head and hands tend to lose heat quickly, wear a warm stocking cap under your bike helmet and add waterproof cycling gloves.

2. Prepare your bike.
Winter roads with ice, salt and sludge can be particularly rough on your bike. Single-speed bikes may be the best choice for many riders, but you can still ride your favorite multi-speed bike if you are able to rinse road grime off of it and lubricate the drivetrain frequently. Switch to wide, knobby or studded tires to grip the road more effectively, and add LED lights to make you more visible to motorists.

3. Know your limits.
Ride at a safe pace, and when the roads are slick, use only the rear brakes to stop. If you start to tilt, lose traction or feel like you are losing control, take your feet off the pedals. Check the weather forecast before heading out, particularly if you are planning a longer ride, and take snacks and drinks along in your bag to refuel as needed. Consider outfitting yourself with the Dakar 100 Hydration Pack and keep your water easily accessible while biking. If you are riding to work, be aware of public transportation routes so that you can divert your ride if you become fatigued. The OGIO Commuter backpack is perfect for people commuting to and from work on their bike. Durable and waterproof, this bag keeps your electronics safely organized.

Before you head out for a brisk winter ride, tell a friend or loved one your planned route in case of emergencies, and wear your ID on your person or in your bike bag. Taking a few moments to prepare yourself and your bike can ensure your experience is as safe and healthy as it is enjoyable.


Winter Survival Guide to Beat Cabin Fever

When the weather is cold and harsh, it’s tempting to park yourself on the couch and enjoy endless rounds of video games and movies. However, doing the same things over and over can leave you feeling frustrated, bored and unfulfilled. Adding a few new activities into your daily routines can help you avoid cabin fever. Follow OGIO’s tips for beating cabin fever.

Learn a New Skill
Developing a new skill is a great way to keep yourself busy and fight boredom. Cooking, for example, is a skill that takes practice and time to develop. If you spend time reading cookbooks and trying new recipes, you can learn how to make healthy and delicious meals. To make your culinary journey more interesting, encourage your family to develop their cooking skills with you. As your collective skills mature, each member of your family can take turns making dinner.

Start an Indoor Exercise Routine
In the winter, exercising outside can be challenging thanks to unpleasant weather conditions and limited daylight. Fortunately, there are many ways to exercise in your own living room. Your local library, for example, may have a supply of fitness DVDs that you can borrow free of charge. You can also buy indoor exercise equipment, from inexpensive items like kettle balls, weights and resistance bands to more complex and expensive fitness machines. Simple activities, such as yoga or aerobics, are good ways to build your fitness and avoid boredom.

Work on Household Projects
If you have a long list of projects that you’ve been intending to complete, winter is the perfect time to work. You can start with a simple project, such as reorganizing your kitchen cabinets, or tackle a lengthier project. Working on these projects will help you burn some energy and improve the look of your home.

Grow Indoor Plants
Growing indoor plants is a great way to invite nature into your home. Caring for your plants will give you something to do each day. Choose colorful flowers to boost your mood when you’re stuck inside on a snowy day. You can also grow herbs to add new flavors and extra nutrition to your daily meals.

Don’t let winter weather get you down in the dumps! By adding new indoor activities to your day-to-day life, you can stay active and engaged throughout the snowy season. Determined to continue your outside activities? Outfit yourself with the proper OGIO gear to keep you and your belongings safe from winter weather.

Healthy and Fit Resolution Tips

Whether you’ve fallen off the fitness wagon or your routine needs a little more oomph, the New Year resolution train is usually the time when exercise and healthy eating jump to the top of the priority list. You’ve determined this year to stick with your fitness resolutions, and while your New Year’s motivation may give you a good kick in intensity, that momentum has a chance of dying out before the month is over. Here are OGIO tips on making – and keeping – your fitness resolutions.

Crafting Your Resolution 

Building a manageable and measurable resolution is one of the most important factors to maintaining it throughout the year. Focus on picking fitness goals that make sense for you. If you have never tried running long-distance, but are working toward a 5k marathon, hitting the treadmill for an hour every day is probably overkill. Set small, manageable goals for yourself. Also, make sure that your resolution is measurable so you can track your progress. Following the SMART model is a great way to build a successful resolution: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Results-focused and Time-bound.

Work, then Reward

While your hard work may pay off in the end, rewarding yourself for reaching smaller benchmarks can help keep you motivated throughout your fitness journey. When you reach hard earned milestones, reward yourself with something that won’t undo your work. Some good rewards might be a massage, new fitness outfit or a night at the movies. Regular rewards can help you reach those milestones faster!

Mix Your Routine Up

Even the most experienced gym-goers can become bored with a stale routine. When you’re just starting out it’s good to have a workout plan in your mind, but don’t be afraid to mix things up. If you’re attending a gym, chances are they offer different fitness classes. Try out yoga, boxing, spinning class and anything else they offer. If you find yourself working out at home or at a smaller apartment complex fitness center, try doing some active outdoor activities like playing sports with friends or walking a dog.

Get Some Cool Gear

Who doesn’t like new fitness gear? Investing in some cool new OGIO gear can be a great motivator to get in the gym. Whether you purchase an OGIO 8.0 Athletic Bag or OGIO Crunch Duffel Bag, new workout gear can help improve your confidence and motivation. Look good, feel good! Plus, nobody wants to spend money on gear that doesn’t get used.

Flexibility is Key

No one is perfect, and even the best-laid plans can be left in the dust when life gets in the way. Schedules can become hectic, and sometimes you just may not have the time or energy to get your workout in. Just keep in mind that you’re starting a new fitness routine; it will take work to maintain and get used to implementing fitness in your life. Even if you miss a workout, don’t get discouraged. Slipups are normal, but don’t let a few days off – or weeks – make you give up entirely. Accept your slipups and get back on track!

Whatever fitness resolution you choose, make sure that you enjoy it! No one wants to do an activity they hate and you’ll lose steam quickly if you’re dreading your workout.

Durable Gifts for On-the-go Athletes

Give the gift that the athlete in your life really needs: a reliable bag. Traveling can be a stressful experience, especially if you don’t have the right gear. Athletes want the security of knowing their gear is protected by durable luggage. Whether you’re schlepping stuff across the country or just to the nearby gym, every active individual needs be able to count on their bags. Outfit your favorite athlete or traveler with essential OGIO gear this Christmas!

When an athlete has to travel long distances for an event, the average travel luggage isn’t going to cut it. Our moto gear bags, packs and travel luggage are designed to hold up against wear and tear, and keep your favorite rider’s gear organized. The Rig 9800 Rolling Luggage Bag is the largest of our moto travel luggage. It features a large main compartment with adjustable dividers and padded helmet section. This bag also comes in a variety of colors, so you can customize it for the traveling biker in your life.

Rig 9800 Rolling Luggage Bag

Rig 9800 Rolling Luggage Bag

The Slayer Gear Bag is slightly smaller and resembles a duffel bag design rather than a rolling travel bag. The large main compartment has a large top opening for maximum access, and separate pocket with two internal pockets for smaller items. A separate boot pocket keeps shoes from getting clean gear dirty.

Slayer Gear Bag

Slayer Gear Bag

Our Throttle Pack is ideal for travelers who don’t have a lot of belongings, or who want to keep specific valuables on their person. With a variety of pockets, this bag keeps belongings organized and easy to access. There are two external side pockets, two internal pockets, one large front pocket and a fleece lined electronics pocket. The 2-way adjustable sternum strap keeps this bag secure whether traveling by plane, train or motorcycle.

Throttle Pack
Throttle Pack

The athlete in your life will be ready to hit the road with OGIO’s Quickdraw bag. Perfect for workout essentials, this bag has just enough space for everything needed for the gym. The roomy, main compartment is perfect for tennis shoes, and the outer accessory pocket keeps small belongings from getting lost.

Quickdraw Bag

Quickdraw Bag

One of the most highly engineered gym bags on the market, the Locker Bag was OGIO’s first innovation. The sturdy structure is designed to fit in a locker and the intelligent features keep all of your favorite gym-goers’ belongings perfectly organized.

Locker Bag

Locker Bag

Follow our helpful gift guide to kick-off your holiday shopping! This is just a small variety of the great bags that OGIO has to offer. Find the perfect OGIO bag for your favorite athlete or the moto enthusiast in your life!

Holiday Gift Guide

As the holiday season is on the horizon, a feeling of seasonal cheer may start welling up inside you. But that’s not the only feeling lingering there; the stress of picking out the perfect present can hinder the holiday cheer in us all. Did Aunt Jane grimace when she opened your gift last year? Did your mother force out an, “Oh, how lovely,” when you bought her a ceramic bowl set? Did your little brother cry when he got socks? Don’t let your worry dampen your holiday spirit and make you put off gift buying until Christmas Eve! If you’re struggling with what to get your family and friends, consult our helpful holiday gift guide.

No-Fail Gifts for Men

Is the man in your life an avid golfer? Support his favorite sport with OGIO golf gear this year. The Shredder Golf Cart Bag comes in a variety of colors to suit the style of your dad, brother or boyfriend. If they’re already attached to their current golf bag, OGIO also sells a variety of golf apparel.

Shredder Golf Cart Bag

Shredder Golf Cart Bag

The fashion forward Groove Golf Pant come in OGIO plaid print and is made of lightweight stretch woven fabric. He’ll be comfortable and stylish on the green in these pants!

Groove Golf Pant

Groove Golf Pant

Pair the Reversible Golf Belt perfectly with these pants and you’ll have him ready for the course.

Reversible Golf Belt

Reversible Golf Belt

Don’t forget about gearing up for the cooler weather. The Muffler Golf Pullover features a cool, streamlined design and will keep him warm during colder weather. Plus, it’s water and wind resistant! This pullover isn’t just for the golf course. The stylish design means he can wear it from course to grocery store to restaurant.

Muffler Golf Pullover

Muffler Golf Pullover

Disappointment-Proof Gifts for Women

Whether you’re shopping for your mom, sister, grandmother, friend or girlfriend, we have a gift to ensure satisfaction! OGIO’s selection of women’s bags features versatile, stylish bags for every kind style. The Lisbon Tote is ideal for organizing all of your belongings. Featuring a quilted, padded laptop compartment, large main compartment and two front zippered pockets, this bag has a place for every item.

Lisbon Tote

Lisbon Tote

Stay organized in style! The Monaco Messenger Bag also features a variety of storage for your everyday gear. This bag is perfect as a school or business bag. You can carry it comfortably from place to place with the adjustable shoulder strap.

Monaco Messenger Bag

Monaco Messenger Bag

Purse meets tablet carrier in the Brooklyn Women’s Felt Tablet Purse. Classic and casual, this is the perfect present for a woman who appreciates functionality and style.

Brooklyn Women's Felt Tablet Purse

Brooklyn Women's Felt Tablet Purse

The men aren’t the only ones who enjoy playing 18 holes on the golf course or hitting the driving range. Get the golf gal in your life the Diva Luxe Stand Bag for Christmas. Specifically constructed to serve the female golfer, our Diva Luxe Stand Bag is stylish and dependable. Available in unique color combinations, you can personalize this bag for your girl’s style.

Diva Luxe Stand Bag

Diva Luxe Stand Bag

No matter who you’re buying for, trust your gift purchases to OGIO. These are just a few samples of awesome OGIO gear that make great Christmas presents. There are only 15 days left until Christmas, get shopping now!


Staying Active Outdoors During Winter

Winter woes are starting to emerge as temperatures begin to decline and the days become shorter. While many of us may feel like days spent outside are limited, you can still partake in outdoor activities with the right preparation and your OGIO gear.


Just because temperatures are dipping doesn’t mean you have to put your clubs away this winter. Proper gear can keep you reasonably comfortable during your golf game, and it’s feasible as long as there isn’t three feet of snow on the course. There’s also a good chance that you won’t have to compete with other golfers, and you may even be able to snag discounted pricing. Invest in some quality winter golf clothes, such as the Radiator Golf Pullover. This lightweight thermal is perfect as an outer layer. Made of durable polyester, this pullover is breathable and wind resistant.

Keeping your hands and head warm is especially important, so make sure you’re covered with gloves and an OGIO Oflex Golf Cap. You’ll need golf balls as well, specifically, colored golf balls since white ones will be difficult to see if there is any snow on the ground. Don’t forget to stay hydrated during your game. Even though temperatures are relatively low, you’ll still need to fuel your body with water.


Surprisingly, when it comes to biking, the key is not to overdress in the winter. Your body will produce heat when riding and you can become too hot and sweaty, leading to hypothermia and dehydration. Dress in layers, and wear just enough clothing to be a little cold in the beginning of your ride.

Start with a base layer, which is in place to keep you dry. Choose a base layer made of a synthetic wicking fiber that pulls sweat away from your body. Avoid cotton, which soaks up sweat and holds it next to you.

Choose an outer layer that is breathable, but will still keep you warm and dry. In wet conditions, riders may require a good waterproof or water-resistant jacket. Outwear usually features a longer cut in the back and arms so it doesn’t ride up. Keep your head and hands covered as well. Make sure your bike is also properly outfitted and that your tires offer good traction on wet surfaces and run them on lower pressure. Don’t forget to stay hydrated as well! Our Atlas 100 Hydration Pack supplies an easy and lightweight source of water for the entirety of your bike ride.


While people may think it’s time to store the motorcycle when winter comes along, it’s still possible to ride in the colder months with appropriate attire. Correct gear choice and layering are important aspects of riding comfortably in winter. Base layers that wick away moisture are a must. You can cover your base layer with an insulating fleece; it’s important that your outer layer be durable, windproof and possibly waterproof for certain climates. Don’t overdo your layering; you still need to maintain arm mobility. Gloves and head gear are also important since most of your body heat will leave from those areas.

Decrease your exposure to wind by prepping your motorcycle with proper gear. A large windscreen, handguards and other add-on windguards can help protect you from the elements. If you need to carry a bag with you on your ride, choose a streamlined, wind-resistant design such as OGIO’s Mach 1 Motorcycle Bag. Remember that colder weather means colder tires, which leads to less traction. Make sure you have adequate tread on your tires and good tire pressure. As always, if the weather becomes too inclement, take yourself home. Don’t get caught in a snowstorm.

Don’t let the winter months ruin your outdoor fun! With these helpful tips and the right gear, you can enjoy your favorite activity year-round. Just remember the most important tip: be prepared. Shop OGIO gear to find the perfect gear for your favorite activities

Scenic Cycling Trails for Fall

Don’t fret when the crisp air of fall starts coming in! That means it’s the perfect time to hit the scenic cycling trails. After the summer heat has departed and before the chill of winter creeps in, fall weather provides the ideal setting for a weekend bike ride. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned biker, we have some great trails for you to explore before you have to store your bike for the winter.

Prairie Spirit Trail
The Prairie Spirit Trail captures the essence of Kansas fall beauty. Spanning from Ottawa to Iola, this 51 miles path runs through small towns, scenic prairies, lazy streams and occasional wildlife. The trail is built on the railbed of the old Leavenworth, Lawrence and Fort Gibson Railroad, and offers easy grades for bikers and hikers alike. A canopy of trees covers most of the trail, providing travelers with shade and beautiful view of fall foliage. Stay hydrated for this long ride with a hydration pack from OGIO. The Atlas 100 Hydration Pack holds 3 liters of water to keep you hydrated throughout your ride.

Virginia Creeper Trail
Do some incredible leaf peeping along the Virginia Creeper Trail. This trail runs 35 miles from Abingdon, Virginia to Whitetop Station at the Virginia-North Carolina border. Enjoy miles of national forest and river side biking. The Virginia Creeper Trail is a shared-use trail; you’ll be sharing the path with hikers, bikers and even horse riders. More than 100,000 people enjoy this trail every year. There are 3 visitor centers along the trail, 47 trestles, bathrooms and places to purchase refreshments. Or bring OGIO’s All Elements Pack along to keep enough food and water supplies for a day ride.

Cape Cod Rail Trail
Bike past a variety of landscapes on the Cape Cod Rail Trail; this trail stretches along sandy beaches past pine forests, salt marshes and cranberry bogs. The 22-mile trail is paved with just a few inclines. Trailheads are dispersed along the route and offer restrooms, food, water and swimming. Trailside shops also provide bicycle rentals. This trail is especially lovely in the fall due to the changing colors of all the different landscapes.

Winnipesaukee River Trail
Enjoy spectacular views of the Winnipesaukee River when you hit this trail! The Winnipesaukee River Trail links Tilton, Northfield and Franklin, New Hampshire and contains various historic and cultural sites along the way. This trail is only 5 miles, but it’s packed with fantastic fall foliage and a great view of a gorge used for whitewater kayaking. The short length also makes this a great trail for beginners or for anyone looking for a shorter trip.

Grab your OGIO gear and hit the trails before the fall season is over. While biking in the winter is still possible for hardy athletes, don’t miss out on the splendid colors of fall.

OGIO Welcomes Four New Ambassadors

We’re happy to welcome four new ambassadors to OGIO’s advisory team! The OGIO advisory staff is made up of athletes that embody our world of endurance sport. Whether they run, swim, cycle, triathlon or mountain bike, these individuals live the adrenaline-driven culture of OGIO. Allow us to introduce you to our new ambassadors!

Aimee Nicotera

Aimee’s passion for fitness started when she was 17 years old when she taught her first group fitness class. Now, Aimee has been involved in the health and fitness industry for 20 years as a group fitness instructor, personal trainer, health educator and fitness director. Aimee holds numerous fitness certifications, as well as a BS in Nutrition Science and a MS in Health Education. Over the years, Aimee has enjoyed participating in various fitness activities including fitness competitions, marathon running and multi-sport racing. This includes 3 Boston marathons and one full Ironman marathon. Aimee brings creativity and enthusiasm to every group fitness call, and strives to provide safe, effective and inspirational fitness programs. She encourages everyone around her to get fit and have fun doing it!

Jimi Young

New advisory team member Jimi Young can be described in one word: Tough. Jimi completes as many as 4 full Ironman events per year, for a total of 20 full Ironman events. Competing multiple times at the Ironman World Championship is his proudest accomplishment, and he holds a personal record of completing the Ironman in less than 10 hours. Jimi says he loves to train, race and share the sport of triathlon with others.

“I believe in OGIO for all of my travel and racing needs. We race and vacation world-wide.  With a full schedule and no room for error, I need bags I can count on to handle the high mileage,” said Jimi, police officer and multisport coach. Jimi looks forward to carrying his passion for racing and coaching far into retirement.

Joseph Middleton

Joseph Middleton works as an account manager for Hawley-Lambert, and serves as the head conference director for the Southeastern Collegiate Cycling Conference for USA Cycling. Joseph spends his weekend training and racing in Elite Cyclocross and road races all over the country. Fitness and endurance sports are Joseph’s true passion. Over the years, Joseph has worked to develop as an athlete and professional by obtaining a number of certifications.

“I have used OGIO bags for a number of years, and I’m convinced you won’t find a better product with all the amazing features that are packed into these bags,” said Joseph.

Jess Perry

Jess Perry’s number one priority is being a wife and mother to her three children, but that doesn’t keep her from running and training for marathons. Jess says that her biggest accomplishment thus far is completing the 2014 Coeur d’ Alene Ironman just 5 months after giving birth to her youngest child. She has completed 4 full Ironman marathons, 10 full marathons, and many half Ironman marathons and half marathons. After studying Business and Marketing at Utah Valley University, Jess has expanded her education in Health and Nutrition and has also received her Personal Training Certification and Run Coaching certification. Jess spreads her knowledge and passion for fitness at Discover Your Happy – soon to be 4 Core Fit – where they train, teach and help others accomplish their goals too.

Gear Up for Fall Fun

While you may be mourning the departure of summer, we’re welcoming the activities of fall! Summer may be full of warm fun in the sun, but fall has some great physical activities to enjoy outside – even if it means wearing a few extra layers. From golfing to camping, the crisp, fall air can be enjoyed by all. OGIO has gear for every activity to keep you fully prepared and comfortable to stay active this season.

Chill 18-24 Can Cooler

This cooler is the perfect companion to all your fall activities. Whether you’re camping, golfing, hunting or tailgating, OGIO’s Chill 18-24 Can Cooler ensures that your beverages stay cool and close. The zippered and insulated main compartment easily holds 18 to 24 cans, but can be used for whatever items you need to keep cool. Easy to clean and leakproof, this cooler is low maintenance, and it even collapses for easy storage when not in use. Dual side beverage/accessory holsters add extra outer storage, and the padded shoulder strap provides comfortable transport. Bring this cooler on your next fall excursion!

MX Flight Vest 

OGIO’s MX Flight Vest is the ultimate utility vest with built-in hydration. Featuring a Hydrapak reservoir bladder and drink system, our utility vest provides hands-free hydration during all your fall activities. Ideal for camping, hunting or hiking, this utility vest has several multi-use pockets for organization. Back tool storage pockets add extra storage options, and there are multiple adjustment points for custom, comfortable fit. Layer OGIO’s MX Flight Vest over a long-sleeved fleece and keep your hands free whether you’re hiking, camping or hunting.

Throttle Pack

A two way adjustable sternum strap and padded shoulder straps keep OGIO’s Throttle Pack securely – and comfortably – in place. Large pockets and external side pockets help you effortlessly organize all your belongings. The fleece lined electronics pocket and the external access hanging padded computer sleeve with water resistant rain hood will keep your electronics dry and secure. Perfect for camping, hiking and motorcycling, OGIO’s Throttle Pack is the perfect size to comfortably carry your belongings.

These are just some of the items that can help organize you fall activities! Check out all OGIO gear to find something that fits your purpose and taste.



The IRONMAN Collection is Strong and Reliable

What kind of person willingly undertakes a 2.4 mile swim, a 112-mile bicycle ride and a marathon, for fun?! The amazing athletes who accomplish this amazing feat every year earn the venerable Ironman title. Determined, strong, indomitable, the characteristics of an Ironman or woman exemplify the OGIO spirit! OGIO is honored to be joining forces with IRONMAN to produce a luggage college that is as rugged and tough as the athletes. The IRONMAN collection by OGIO includes transition bags, backpacks, luggage and a briefcase. Durable and lightweight, this collection is perfect for all lifestyle, training and race day needs.

Newt M15

The Newt 15 is the ideal backpack for everyday use, training and race day. This bag has multiple organizational areas for all your gear essentials, and a padded, fleece lined laptop compartment when you aren’t using it for training. Made with quadruple-coated weather and abrasion resistant double ripstop fabric, the IRONMAN Newt M15 holds up even under the harshest conditions. Use this bag for work or training, and enjoy the sleek and durable design for years.

String Sling

The perfect day hike pack, our IRONMAN String Sling is hydration pack compatible and features easy access pockets for snacks and valuables. Side water bottle stretch mesh pocket keeps your water bottle accessible if you opt not to use a hydration pack. The drawstring top keeps all your belongings safe and secure, while quadruple-coated weather and abrasion resistant double ripstop fabric adds extra durability.


Our extra large M9 transition bag holds all your gear with room to spare! Armoured pockets keep valuables and breakables safe while you’re busy training or racing. Protect your gear from extreme weather with the hideaway rain cover. The largest of the IRONMAN duffel-style bags, the M9 features more pockets and convenient backpack straps for easy carrying option. The expandable wet/dry area fits a full-size wetsuit, so you can keep your wet gear separate from your other belongings. The IRONMAN collection also features smaller duffels as well – the M8 and M2.

Emissary M17

Great for work or play, the IRONMAN Emissary M17 features a zippered main compartment and padded tablet sleeve. Work and train like a triathlete with this bag! Full length zippered organization panel is perfect for nutrition organization or office organization. Accessory and water bottle pockets help keep your belongings organized and easily accessible. A 17” laptop fits in this bag as well as your after work workout gear. Foam paneling adds extra protection for your belongings no matter what you use our Emissary M17 for.

Layover M22

The IRONMAN Layover M22 helps you travel like a triathlete. Sturdy wheels and tough telescoping pull handle ensure this bag will travel for years. The Layover M22 is airline regulation size so you can keep all your gear nearby; no need to worry about lost luggage. External pockets make belongings easy to access during and after travel. Constructed from quadruple-coated weather and abrasion resistant double ripstop fabric, this bag endures even the most intense conditions.

The IRONMAN collection is designed with durability and style in mind. Our streamlined collection of bags will keep your organized and prepared for every event. The classic red and black design makes an impression whether you’re training or racing. Every bag also features the IRONMAN and M-DOT logos. Show off the triathlete in you with one of OGIO’s IRONMAN bags!

September is National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month

More than 30 percent of America’s children are obese or overweight, however, many people may not realize this epidemic is occurring or how serious it is. Childhood obesity places children at higher risk for conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Fortunately, there is still time to reverse this trend and help create a healthier society. One way to encourage children to become more active is to enjoy physical activities as a family. Participate in National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month by promoting a healthy lifestyle with your kids and engaging in active family time.

While some family activities may consist of sharing meals, family game night or watching TV together, it’s important to stay active as a family to pass on good habits to children. One fun option might be to have the entire family train for a race. Many running events involve races ranging from kids’ runs of less than a mile to marathons and longer. This allows for running or walking distances appropriate for everybody in the family.

You can also incorporate a scenic hike into your training program or simply enjoy it on its own merit. There are usually beautiful places to hike in or near every community in the country.

If you prefer to be active indoors, gyms usually offer family rates that you can take advantage of. One benefit of joining a gym is that there are a variety of activities and work out equipment; every family member can decide which activities at the gym best fit their personality and focus on those. OGIO’s 8.0 Athletic Bag makes trips to the gym easy with a variety of pockets and an oversized main compartment that is big enough for the whole family! Some gyms also have courts available, meaning the family can participate in a pickup basketball or volleyball game.

Golf is also a great low impact, outdoor activity. While it may not require the same physical exertion of a basketball game, golf is an excellent sport to carry over into adulthood. Plus, walking the green while hauling OGIO’s Vapor Stand Bag can burn more calories than you realize. Golf is also an intellectual sport that teaches strategy, control and patience. If your family is intrigued by golf, sign up for lessons together, and hit the links as a family.

No matter what physical activities you decide to do, make sure to choose things that your family will look forward to. Having fun is the best way to encourage kids to stick with what they are doing and bring that passion for fitness into adulthood. When you and your family are getting active, shop OGIO for all your active wear needs! New workout gear is a terrific motivator to get physical!

Essential Hiking Gear

Hiking is a fun, low impact way to be active, spend time in nature and get out of the house throughout the year. People can hike by themselves or in a group, and different levels of hikes require different gear. If you’re considering adding hiking to your list of weekend activities, make sure to gather hiking gear essentials for basic comfort, safety and survival.

Hiking Boots

Choosing comfortable hiking footwear is a fundamental component of an enjoyable hike. Your footwear selection will depend on what kind of hike you intend to undertake. Whether you’re going for a short day trip, a medium length trip or a long, multi-day trek, your footwear is the literal base of your hike. Hiking shoes can be categorized into four different groups: trail shoes, light hiking shoes, hiking boots and mountaineering boots. These shoes are categorized based on the duration of the hike, the terrain and the load being carried.

Hiking Backpack

Hiking backpacks are a great way to carry all your hiking gear. Choosing the correct hiking backpack is crucial to efficiently packing your supplies. There are certain features that make a hiking backpack ideal. OGIO’s X-Train Pack comes fully equipped with special organization, crush resistant armored pocket, and easy access accessories pocket. Made with high tensile strength and lightweight endurance fabrics, this bag will hold up against the elements and survive for years. Constructed with comfort in mind, the adjustable sternum strap ensures adaptability and the breathable back panel allows airflow.

Navigation: Map and Compass

Even if you’re taking a short day hike, getting lost is still a risk. Taking a map and a compass will help get you back on track if you get lost during your trek. Prepare for your hike by learning the basics of using a compass and how to find your location with landmarks. You should also familiarize yourself with the trail you plan on hiking.

Water, Food and Fire

Water, food and fire building materials are vital when planning a day hike. A great option to carry water and save space is by using a durable hydration pack. Our Erzberg 70 Hydration Pack allows you to carry your water on your back, leaving it easily accessible and keeping your hands free; tubing and bite valve means you don’t have to stop to get your water out of your pack every time you want a drink. If you’re hiking for more than a few hours, it’s important to keep your body fueled with healthy snacks that have a balance of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Even if you aren’t planning on camping, taking emergency rations and fire starting materials is important in case you get stranded.

Protection from the Elements

Being prepared for unexpected weather, natural pests, injuries and other emergencies is a huge must when going on a hike. A basic first aid kit should be enough for a short day hike, and should be adequate for treating minor injuries. You should also pack supplies for a variety of weather. From sun protection to insulation to raingear, being prepared for changing elements can save you a lot of grief if you’re hit with an unexpected rain storm or caught in the sun. Insect repellant is also a must.

Packing this essential gear will help you be safely prepared for your hiking adventure. Whether you’re a hiking beginner or a seasoned veteran, the most important thing you can bring is your common sense! If you’re planning a hike, it’s always important to be prepared and tell someone where you are going. When you’re gearing up for a hike, shop OGIO for all your needs!