HIIT the Spot

If you’re a regular in the world of exercise and workout crazes, you’ve probably heard of HIIT, or High Intensity Interval Training. HIIT is popular – and with good reason. We’ve got the facts on just how effective this system of exercising is and how it can improve your overall health. We’ve even included a couple of our favorite HIIT workouts for you to give a go.

Take It With You

One of the best parts about a HIIT workout is that it requires very little time and space. HIIT workouts are no longer than 30 minutes, and the more you do them, the quicker you’ll get. Not only that, but most don’t require any sort of equipment. Talk about convenient!

This opens the door to a whole new perspective of exercising. Whether you’re staying at your in-laws and itching to sweat, or on vacation and your hotel doesn’t have a gym – you can always practice your HIIT routine.

Let It Burn

 You won’t just be burning calories during your workout, but also for hours afterward. This efficient exercise approach has huge rewards. It’s a fat burning system that maintains your muscle mass while your aerobic capacity skyrockets. In fact, a 2011 American College of Sports Medicine study said that 2 weeks of HIIT improves aerobic capacity as much as 6 to 8 weeks of endurance training.

Bring It On

It’s no secret that HIIT is challenging, that’s why its health benefits are so evident. However, people tend to enjoy this system of exercise more than endurance training or other methods. Its short time constraint and results make it worth it.

Not only are HIIT workouts a healthy challenge, but they’re something that you’re going to want to stick with. Exercise is only effective once it becomes a habitual part of your life.

The Do It Anywhere HIIT Workout

Check out this HIIT series by Daily Burn that you can take anywhere with you. It’s quick, efficient and easy to remember. Take 30 seconds to rest between each exercise. Repeat this series every other day with a goal to improve your speed.

  • 50 Sit Ups
  • 40 Jump Squats
  • 30 Push Ups
  • 20 Spilt Jumps
  • 10 Tricep Dips
  • 30 Seconds of Burpees

Switch It Up

Check out these HIIT workouts that Paleo Hacks shared. If you feel like switching up your routine but still want to work on specific muscle groups or specific exercises, this series could be for you. Try out a different exercise every other day and get more comfortable with the HIIT way.

Gear Up

If you’re looking to take on the HIIT lifestyle, it’s important you have the gear to match. OGIO has bags and accessories that can transition between the workplace and the gym. No matter where you decide to workout next, let OGIO be the brand you take with you.

The Perfect Pack for Your Back-to-School Bag

Those words every student dreads and every parent praises are now relevant: back to school. Yep, it’s time once again for the summer to end, to set the alarm for each morning, and slowly get back into the swing of things – like swinging that backpack onto your shoulders.

The only thing we at OGIO ever really looked forward to at the beginning of each school year was getting new clothes and a brand new backpack. And we can’t say we’ve outgrown that, often using it as an excuse to get ourselves the latest OGIO packs to sport to work and the occasional lecture. But for those lucky enough to actually need a backpack, we’ve lined up eight of our favorite styles. Even though we’ve grouped it by guys and girls, feel free to mix and mingle to your heart’s content.

For the Girls

OGIO Operatrix Backpack

OGIO Operatrix Backpack











Named the Operatrix, this pack lets you really pack it in, including most 17-inch laptops, an e-reader, and all your books and binders. As with all OGIO packs, it’s full of pockets that keep you organized, like a stash pocket, accessory pocket and even a valuables pocket. Plus, the back is padded — so when the weight of the world is on your shoulders, this pack won’t add to it. It also comes in contrasting black and pink for those who like a little more subtle look.

OGIO Soho Felt Backpack

OGIO Soho Felt Backpack











Speaking of subtle, the Soho felt pack is the perfect way to class up your act without sacrificing space. In this petite pack you can fit up to a 17-inch laptop and an e-reader, plus all your papers and notebooks in the file compartment sleeve. Add in a cord storage pocket and an organizational sleeve, and you’ll find a place for everything – including yourself.

OGIO Tributante Backpack

OGIO Tributante Backpack











We call this the Tributante, because it’s a true tribute to the best of everything a pack has to offer. Unique design, comfortable carry, and a load of pockets for all your things. It has both strength and grace; it carries your tech just as well as your books. And it does it all in style. The only thing you need to do is make it your own.

OGIO Soho Laptop Backpack

OGIO Soho Laptop Backpack











With a preppier look, The Soho laptop pack is the more playful sister to the Soho felt. It still features the 3-button front placket, and pockets for your tech, notebooks and all your odds and ends. But what makes this pack unique is your ability to customize the interior and exterior colors, with either the bubbly polka dots or the more reserved herringbone. Just pick your poison, then knock them dead.

For the Boys

OGIO Bandit Backpack

OGIO Bandit Backpack











The Bandit from OGIO steals the show with the fully loaded tech pockets for your 17-inch laptop and tablet. It’s got plenty of room for your mouse, phone and any valuables along for the ride. And it rides in style in a wide range of print and color options, including the Blizzard pictured above. You might say it’s the…perfect partner in crime (we’ll go home now).

OGIO Lewis Backpack

OGIO Lewis Backpack











Both looks and smarts – does that sound familiar? Yeah, that’s the Lewis Pack. Smooth yet playful, it says a lot about the shoulders it rests comfortably on. With increased shoulder strap foam, ergonomic design, and a Unibody Back Panel, it says I like to stay comfortable. But the crush-proof Tech Vault pocket, padded 15-inch laptop compartment and padded mouse pocket, also says I like to get a little crazy – and I’m smart about it. Bold colors or subtly suave, you can’t go wrong.

OGIO Ruck 20 Laptop Backpack

OGIO Ruck 20 Laptop Backpack











You’re the type who likes to stand out in all the right ways. That’s why the Ruck 20 works for you, as it’s got one-of-a-kind style but still keeps it practical. With enough room for all your tech, plus your books, you won’t need to carry more than you bargained for. Plus, it stays in shape from your back to the floor. Pick any one of three colors and prints to fit your look to a T.

OGIO Tribune Laptop Backpack

OGIO Tribune Laptop Backpack











For unique patterns and plenty of space to put all of your tech and books, you want the Tribune pack. The front organizer pocket holds all your small stuff like pens and planners, while a top valuables pocket keeps your shades safe. A breathable back keeps the air flowing so you stay cool no matter how heavy the workload gets.

A Bag for Every Situation

Choosing a bag for different life scenarios can be difficult. We’ve compiled a list of five OGIO bags for different situations to help you get started on picking the best bag to fit your lifestyle.

Everyday Bag

No matter what you’re carrying, the Lisbon Tote is ideal for a variety of everyday scenarios. Whether you need a small laptop bag or want to convert this tote into a stylish diaper bag, the Lisbon Tote is versatile and reliable. The padded laptop compartment fits most 13” laptops, while the large main compartment can fit any variety of items. External zippered pockets are provided for extra storage and to keep valuables secure. The stretch mesh water bottle pocket keeps bottles close at hand.


Work Bag

Featuring both large and small storage spaces, the Renegade Top-Zip bag is perfect for busy businesspeople on the go. The laptop compartment fits most 17” laptops and the fleece lined tablet pocket is padded to keep electronics safe. The laptop compartment is airport security friendly, meaning you don’t waste time in line trying to get your computer out. Deluxe organization panels keeps your small items organized and seperated in their own zippered stash pocket. Outfitted with both carry handles and an adjustable shoudler strap, you can comfortably carry this bag in a variety of ways.


Biker Bag

Whether commuting to work or hitting the open road for a day trip, the Mach 1 Motorcycle Bag is ideal for any biker use. No matter if your wheels are motorized or pedal-powered, this motorcycle bag is a convenient option for storing belongings – plus it features an aerodynamic design. The large main compartment can fit a variety of belongings, from day trip snacks to work day change of clothes. The interior organizer panel makes it simple to keep small items easy to reach, and the interior padded laptop sleeve fits most 15” laptops. No matter what you store in this bag, rest easy knowing that it’s secured with a no-slip sternum strap.


The Ultimate Workout Bag

Durable and lightweight, the 8.0 Athletic Bag is the best of both worlds. Constructed from high tensile strength materials, this bag will withstand many workouts, whether you’re hitting the gym or hiking outside. Straps can adjust from easy carry handle to pack style shoulder straps. The oversized main compartment allows you to carry all your gear, and the ventilated dirty clothes compartment keeps clean clothes separate. The 8.0 Athletic Bag also features multiple zippered pockets and organization compartments.


Travel Bag

Sized to fit airline requirements, the Layover Travel Bag has enough inner organization to hold your trip necessities. Don’t get stuck waiting at baggage claim, carry your belongings on instead! The retractable handle and in-line wheels allow you to pull this bag smoothly through the airport. External pockets keep necessary items easy to access, whether it’s electronics or your toiletry bag. Compression straps in the main compartment make sure your belongings stay in place throughout your trip.

Don’t see a bag that fits your life scenario? Shop OGIO bags and find one to fit your needs. We offer a variety of styles and sizes. No matter what you choose, you can trust the reliability and durability of OGIO.


4 Tips to Planning the Perfect Road Trip

Road trips are the ultimate vacation for those hit by the travel bug, as they are a great way to do and see a lot in a relatively small amount of time. They are full of spontaneous decisions and lots of moving around, but you can actually make the most of your road trip by planning it out.

OGIO is all about getting out there and exploring. In order to encourage you strap on your backpack and hit the open road, we’ve put together a simple list of steps and helpful tools so you can make the most of your travels.


Tip 1: Choose Your Destination Zone

When considering destinations, think about more than just a single place. What is around the area you want to visit? How long do you want to stay?

There are a lot of websites that provide scenic routes, where you can enter in your destination and it will map out the best scenic drive, how long it will take and provide directions. One such tool is myscenicdrives.com, and it’s free to use.

While the destination is important in road trips, make sure to consider places you can stop on your way. If you determine your possible routes beforehand, you can research what is along those routes and decide which one to take based on what you’d most like to see.


Tip 2: Choose Your Transportation

Road trips can put a lot of wear and tear on a car, and sometimes those additional costs aren’t factored in. Costs like oil changes, tune ups and even new tires and brakes. Make sure your car is in the right shape to handle a long drive, and be prepared to incur extra maintenance costs after the trip is over.

Another option is to rent a car. While it’s not cheap, you won’t have to worry about the maintenance costs nor all the miles you put on the car.


Tip 3: Choose Your Boarding

If you’re planning on overnight stays at other locations prior to reaching your final destination, consider sites like AirBnB to help save on some costs. If you don’t mind sharing a living space for a night, you can save a lot of money on hotels. Plus, it’s going to be a lot cleaner than a cheap motel. It also gives you the chance to meet someone new, which is a great aspect of road trips.


Tip 4: Break Down the Costs

Creating a spreadsheet with all of your potential costs will help immensely with determining final totals. Make sure to include hotels, gas, car rental or car maintenance, food, spending money, and an emergency fund for potential problems that may come up. Also add in the items you buy to prepare for the road trip, such as toiletries, clothing, and entertainment while you’re riding passenger.

Tools such as Roadtrippers will help you figure out exactly how much fuel is going to cost, depending on your travel plan.

And before you take off, take a look through OGIO’s extensive line of travel bags. We’ll make sure you not only ride with quality, but ride in style!

Scenic Cycling Trails for Fall

Don’t fret when the crisp air of fall starts coming in! That means it’s the perfect time to hit the scenic cycling trails. After the summer heat has departed and before the chill of winter creeps in, fall weather provides the ideal setting for a weekend bike ride. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned biker, we have some great trails for you to explore before you have to store your bike for the winter.

Prairie Spirit Trail
The Prairie Spirit Trail captures the essence of Kansas fall beauty. Spanning from Ottawa to Iola, this 51 miles path runs through small towns, scenic prairies, lazy streams and occasional wildlife. The trail is built on the railbed of the old Leavenworth, Lawrence and Fort Gibson Railroad, and offers easy grades for bikers and hikers alike. A canopy of trees covers most of the trail, providing travelers with shade and beautiful view of fall foliage. Stay hydrated for this long ride with a hydration pack from OGIO. The Atlas 100 Hydration Pack holds 3 liters of water to keep you hydrated throughout your ride.

Virginia Creeper Trail
Do some incredible leaf peeping along the Virginia Creeper Trail. This trail runs 35 miles from Abingdon, Virginia to Whitetop Station at the Virginia-North Carolina border. Enjoy miles of national forest and river side biking. The Virginia Creeper Trail is a shared-use trail; you’ll be sharing the path with hikers, bikers and even horse riders. More than 100,000 people enjoy this trail every year. There are 3 visitor centers along the trail, 47 trestles, bathrooms and places to purchase refreshments. Or bring OGIO’s All Elements Pack along to keep enough food and water supplies for a day ride.

Cape Cod Rail Trail
Bike past a variety of landscapes on the Cape Cod Rail Trail; this trail stretches along sandy beaches past pine forests, salt marshes and cranberry bogs. The 22-mile trail is paved with just a few inclines. Trailheads are dispersed along the route and offer restrooms, food, water and swimming. Trailside shops also provide bicycle rentals. This trail is especially lovely in the fall due to the changing colors of all the different landscapes.

Winnipesaukee River Trail
Enjoy spectacular views of the Winnipesaukee River when you hit this trail! The Winnipesaukee River Trail links Tilton, Northfield and Franklin, New Hampshire and contains various historic and cultural sites along the way. This trail is only 5 miles, but it’s packed with fantastic fall foliage and a great view of a gorge used for whitewater kayaking. The short length also makes this a great trail for beginners or for anyone looking for a shorter trip.

Grab your OGIO gear and hit the trails before the fall season is over. While biking in the winter is still possible for hardy athletes, don’t miss out on the splendid colors of fall.

Essential Hiking Gear

Hiking is a fun, low impact way to be active, spend time in nature and get out of the house throughout the year. People can hike by themselves or in a group, and different levels of hikes require different gear. If you’re considering adding hiking to your list of weekend activities, make sure to gather hiking gear essentials for basic comfort, safety and survival.

Hiking Boots

Choosing comfortable hiking footwear is a fundamental component of an enjoyable hike. Your footwear selection will depend on what kind of hike you intend to undertake. Whether you’re going for a short day trip, a medium length trip or a long, multi-day trek, your footwear is the literal base of your hike. Hiking shoes can be categorized into four different groups: trail shoes, light hiking shoes, hiking boots and mountaineering boots. These shoes are categorized based on the duration of the hike, the terrain and the load being carried.

Hiking Backpack

Hiking backpacks are a great way to carry all your hiking gear. Choosing the correct hiking backpack is crucial to efficiently packing your supplies. There are certain features that make a hiking backpack ideal. OGIO’s X-Train Pack comes fully equipped with special organization, crush resistant armored pocket, and easy access accessories pocket. Made with high tensile strength and lightweight endurance fabrics, this bag will hold up against the elements and survive for years. Constructed with comfort in mind, the adjustable sternum strap ensures adaptability and the breathable back panel allows airflow.

Navigation: Map and Compass

Even if you’re taking a short day hike, getting lost is still a risk. Taking a map and a compass will help get you back on track if you get lost during your trek. Prepare for your hike by learning the basics of using a compass and how to find your location with landmarks. You should also familiarize yourself with the trail you plan on hiking.

Water, Food and Fire

Water, food and fire building materials are vital when planning a day hike. A great option to carry water and save space is by using a durable hydration pack. Our Erzberg 70 Hydration Pack allows you to carry your water on your back, leaving it easily accessible and keeping your hands free; tubing and bite valve means you don’t have to stop to get your water out of your pack every time you want a drink. If you’re hiking for more than a few hours, it’s important to keep your body fueled with healthy snacks that have a balance of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Even if you aren’t planning on camping, taking emergency rations and fire starting materials is important in case you get stranded.

Protection from the Elements

Being prepared for unexpected weather, natural pests, injuries and other emergencies is a huge must when going on a hike. A basic first aid kit should be enough for a short day hike, and should be adequate for treating minor injuries. You should also pack supplies for a variety of weather. From sun protection to insulation to raingear, being prepared for changing elements can save you a lot of grief if you’re hit with an unexpected rain storm or caught in the sun. Insect repellant is also a must.

Packing this essential gear will help you be safely prepared for your hiking adventure. Whether you’re a hiking beginner or a seasoned veteran, the most important thing you can bring is your common sense! If you’re planning a hike, it’s always important to be prepared and tell someone where you are going. When you’re gearing up for a hike, shop OGIO for all your needs!

Define Your Back to School Backpack Style

The new school year means new supplies and new starts. It’s a time to reinvent, reaffirm, or simply reengage yourself. And when it comes to preparing yourself for school, one of the most important items to pick out is your backpack. In addition to toting all your books and materials around for nine months, your backpack needs to express your personality. To help you figure out what look and feel is right for you, OGIO has come up with this helpful backpack style guide:

Sleek and Reliable

Squadron 15 Laptop Bag

If you like clean lines and unbeatable protection, the Squadron 15 Laptop Bag is for you! The Squadron has extra padding and special compartments to expertly protect your laptop and other electronics. It also has a variety of pockets to help you stay organized when school gets hectic. The black material and silver buckles give the pack a simple yet modern look. The Squadron goes well with laid back school or gym clothes, but is also appropriate to wear with dress clothes (making it ideal for graduate students or students with professional internships). This bag is perfect for busy and motivated students who are always on the go!


Bright and Trendy

Purple water color Operatix backpack

Bright colors are very much in fashion at the moment. At OGIO one of our favorite brights is the Purple Watercolor print on our Operatix bag. This unique and thoroughly eye-catching pattern is a great way to make a splash and assert your style on the first day of school. With water bottle and accessory packets, as well as a special area for tablets and readers, the Operatix is perfect for stylishly storing all your back to school must haves. Check out the Operatix in our Pixie and Blue Onion color options for more bright bags.


Bold and Comfortable

Bandit back to school backpack

Bold geometric patterns are also very popular right now. From graphic tees to journal covers, you’re sure to see shapes prominently displayed on lots of back to school items. Backpacks are no exception. OGIO’s Bandit 17 Laptop Bag in Spectro is a great example of how to work trendy geometric figures into your look. Its fun color scheme will definitely help set it apart from similar products. But the Bandit bag won’t just look good, it will feel good too. It’s designed with a hybrid unibody back panel to provide ultimate comfort throughout the day.


Stylish and Sophisticated

Midtown back to school messenger bag

If you are looking for something a bit different, why not consider a shoulder bag? Our Midtown Women’s Messenger Bag is ideal for someone who wants a bag that is a little more professional than the average backpack. With its brief case look and incredible compartment space, this product is especially great for college students. Whether you need to store your laptop, a term paper, or things for a part time job, the Midtown Messenger has got you covered. The bag also comes in seven gorgeous colors so you can find the perfect fit for your individual style.

For these great bags and other back to school products, visit OGIOs new back to school section. Make sure you are taking on the new academic year with a bag that suits all y0ur needs and expresses who you are

Take Advantage of Tax Free Weekends for Back to School Gear

Every fall, parents and their kids flock to the malls to stock up on school supplies for the coming year. Back to school shopping can be a fun but costly yearly ritual. That’s why many states implement a tax holiday right before the start of the school year. Tax holidays are a great opportunity to purchase clothing, backpacks, and school supplies.

In many cases, you can also utilize coupons and special discounts for super savings. It may be tempting to go on a spree, but try to only purchase items that you would have originally. It might help to make a list of must-haves and resolve to stick to it so you don’t end up with unnecessary items. Here are a few ideas to get you started:


Tribune 17 Laptop Backpack

This modern essential fits your laptop as well as your traditional supplies with front pockets designed to hold pens, wallet and notebooks. It comes in a variety of colors to suit every taste.

Tribune 17 Laptop Backpack    Tribune 17 Laptop Backpack


The Ruck 20 Laptop Backback

This sophisticated carryall is perfect for the fledgling college student who wants to portray a more grown-up aesthetic. Holds laptop, water bottle, tablet, and business school books.

The Ruck 20 Laptop Backback


The Midtown Women’s Messenger

This is for the fashion-forward girl who wants the functionality of a backpack, but the more feminine style of a purse. Holds laptop, phone and design sketchpad.

The Midtown Women’s Messenger

Ready to shop till you drop? Tax holidays begin in many states this weekend. This list shows participating states and dates. Happy shopping!

Top Signs that Summer is Here!

What are the signs that summer has arrived? Aside from the increased temperature, pool openings and slew of school-free kids roaming around, here are some of the sure-fire activities that show summer is upon us!

1. The Driving Range is Full

Thinking you’re going to hit a bucket of balls at the driving range? So is everyone else! The summer sun and clear skies is bringing out the golfers, as they loosen up their golf swing for the summer. Golf is the ideal summer sport. You can get together with some friends for 18 holes on the course, or go solo at the driving range. OGIO has a great selection of women’s golf bags and golf bags for men. If you need to get some new golf gear, check out OGIO golf bags!

2. Break out the Camping Gear

The summer season is great for camping out. The higher temperatures ensure that you’ll be comfortable in your tent at night. Can’t find a campsite in your area or don’t have time to plan a full camping weekend? Try camping in your backyard. Just because you can’t find a suitable campground doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the great outdoors. Crank up the grill for hot dogs and s’mores, pack up your sleeping bags and set up camp in the backyard. Summer activities like camping are more about experiencing the outdoors and unplugging, whether in a wild forest or a suburban lawn.

3. Cyclists are out and about

Breaking out the two-wheeled or three-wheeled mode of transportation is a definite sign of summer! Cyclists are out in force, whether they’re peddling or revving their motor. Summer is prime riding and biking time, so expect to see bikers on the road. OGIO has a great selection of moto backpacks for bikers who are using their motorcycles as their daily commuter this summer. Don’t forget to watch out for bikers when you’re out driving around, as they can be easily lost in the blind spots of vehicles.

4. It’s Road Trip Season

Time to pack up the car with food, friends and overstuffed OGIO travel bags! Summer is road trip season! Grab a few of your best friends and a great mix CD, and hit the open road. A road trip is a great way to bond with friends over laughs, sights and probably some petty fights – because being trapped in a car for more than 4 hours isn’t always all fun.

5. There’s a Race Every Weekend

Lace up your running shoes! In the summertime, there are a variety of races to join if that’s your thing. Whether you’re participating in a color run or a warrior dash, there are plenty of races, runs and triathlons to choose from! People walking around in running gear, with paper numbers pinned to their shirts and possibly covered in colored powder is a for sure sign that summer is here.

Summer is a great time for fun in the sun. Try any of the activities above for some guaranteed outdoors fun this summer! Don’t forget to check out OGIO’s great selection of athletic bags, apparel and shoes. Whether you’re golfing, camping or participating in a summer color run, OGIO has something for everyone!

Memorial Day Weekend: Summer Kickoff

You’ve ridden out the long winter and now the best part of the year is finally here! While summer may not technically begin until June 21st, everyone knows that Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial kickoff to everyone’s favorite season. Summer’s return means it’s time to fully embrace the sunshine and gear up for a variety of warm weather fun. Here are a few of the awesome outdoor activities you can get excited for now that the days are longer and the temperatures are higher:


ATV bag from OGIO
If you are lucky enough to have a little land, or know someone who does, there’s nothing quite like the thrill of off-roading in an ATV. Heading to the backcountry and doing a little four-wheeling is an incredibly fun and freeing experience, especially after a long boring winter. Make your ATVs even more fun, functional, and summer ready with an ATV bag. OGIOs front and rear ATV bags allow you to carry and protect all your gear while you’re on the go.


Motorcycle bag from OGIO

For those who are more into on-roading than off-roading, motorcycles are the ticket. Memorial Day weekend is a huge holiday for motorcyclists! Huge group rides and rallies occur all of the country. One of the largest and most famous of these rides is Rolling Thunder, a rally held in Washington D.C. in recognition of Prisoners of War and those Missing in Action.  Events like these kick off a full season of motorcycle fun. OGIO has the perfect tail bags, saddle bags, and backpacks to outfit any motorcycle. Check out these awesome moto bags today.


Golf cart bag by OGIO

Summer also provides some of the best weather of the year for golfing. A sunny day on the golf course is a good day on the course. However, as it gets hotter golf charts become even more convenient. Why trek all over the green when you can drive? Instead of hauling your clubs around, focus on your game.  OGIOs golf cart bags help to organize your clubs and make them easy to transport.

With summer right around the corner, make sure you have all the gear you need to enjoy your favorite outdoor activities! From all of

Bike to Work Week is May 12th – 16th


For those of you who already ride your bike to work, doing it this week makes it an official National activity. For those who don’t, now is the perfect time to try! The springtime weather is ideal for cycling in many parts of the country, and you’ll be joining in camaraderie with the thousands of other commuters who are estimated to participate in biking events this week. This healthy, fun and sustainable method of communing has exploded in popularity over the past decade, with the number of bicycle commuters in the U.S. expanding by more than 47%.[i]

Benefits of Biking to Work

-It’s fuel efficient and cheap – you’re burning calories instead of fossil fuels and money.
-A tree will want to hug YOU. If only 5% of New Yorkers switched to cycling instead of car transport on their daily commute, they could save 150 million pounds of CO2 emissions per year.[ii]
-Exposure to morning light could help lower your BMI.[iii]
-Getting moderate exercise from cycling in the am will kick start your metabolism and release ‘feel good’ serotonin in your body, setting the tone for your whole day.
-Biking could save you the time waste, and frustration, of sitting in traffic jams.

What you’ll Need

-A bike. Don’t have one? See if your city has a bike share program.
-A helmet: 97% of bicycle fatalities involved a cyclist not wearing one!
-The OGIO Commuter Bag to comfortably haul your laptop, wallet, and snack. 


[i] http://bikeleague.org/content/bike-month-dates-events-0

[iii] http://science.slashdot.org/story/14/04/03/232210/study-exposure-to-morning-sunlight-helps-managing-weight

Earth Day Activities for Everyone

This coming Tuesday, April 22nd, is Earth Day, the worldwide celebration of environmental protection. Founded by the Earth Day Network in 1970, the holiday is often associated with ecologically friendly activities such as recycling and planting trees. While such activism is certainly in the fundamental spirit of the day, another important part of the Earth Day is simply being out in and appreciating nature. This year, consider unplugging from technology and spending some quality time outdoors with these awesome past times:

Hiking: Taking a hike is one of the best ways to explore the natural beauty of an environment. Hiking paths often wind through various types of tertian, showcasing the diversity of an area. Depending on where you live, you can easily go through woodland, meadows, stream beds, and more in a single hike.  When planning your hike look for a national park or local conservation center with scenic views. If you’re feeling really adventurous, you might even consider making a weekend trip out of it. Day hikes are great, but adding camping makes for an even better experience!

Biking: In addition to being a great form of exercise, biking is an excellent way to experience the outdoors. You can cover great distances with relative ease and with little impact on your joints. And what better way to enjoy the sights and smells of spring than with the wind blowing through your hair? Take your bicycle to a local bike path, go off road at a nearby nature center, or make your Earth Day commute more green and bike to work.

Running: Just because you’re not the “stop and smell the roses type” doesn’t mean you can’t take some time to appreciate nature. If you’re more of a get up and goer, then how about taking a nice long run this Earth Day? One of the best things about running is that you can do it anywhere. If you live in the city find a nice park and enjoy the new spring buds and blossoms. If you live in a more rural location, consider finding a wooded or hilly area and challenge yourself to a cross country run.

We live on a pretty cool planet and Earth Day is a great excuse to go explore it! If you’re looking for the perfect gear to accompany you on your adventures, check out our top of the line athletic bags. The X-Train pack and All Elements pack are perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. From all of us here at OGIO have a happy and active Earth Day!