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How Do You Find Your Balance?

The life of successful, vibrant women can be hectic and stressful, but with a healthy, fit lifestyle and a conscious effort to prioritize your time and meet your need for spiritual and emotional sustenance, you can achieve balance. At OGIO, we know how important it is to create symmetry in your life. Here are three methods for finding inner balance along with three items from our new Women’s Fit Collection to make the journey easier.

Three Ways to Find Balance and Peace of Mind

Doha WhimsicalGo for a hike in the hills. Medical research has shown what hikers have known for centuries; hiking in the mountains helps reduce stress and anxiety and gives your mind a rest while it reveals the true splendor of nature. Before you set out on your re-balancing adventure, fill up your Dosha Pack with all the essentials. Its interior organizer, padded shoulder straps and quilted back panel will help ensure your safety and comfort.

Kula Stone


Sign up for yoga classes. Practicing yoga balances your entire nervous system and helps you learn to focus and center your mind to achieve harmony between your physical and emotional self. Take along our Kula Yoga Bag to organize your phone, headphones, relaxing music collection, towels, essential oils, bottled water and more. Use the two buckled cinch straps on the outside to secure your yoga mat.

Lotus PeachHit the company gym. If your job offers access to an on-site gym, your employer is well aware of the importance of achieving balance. Exercise prompts the release of feel-good brain chemicals that keep stress in check, and it fights the physical effects of spending your days at a desk. Don’t let the opportunity go to waste. Use your roomy Lotus Pack to store important papers and high-tech gadgets along with your workout clothes and gym essentials. The zippered enclosure on top makes it easy to access whatever you need quickly, and the padded shoulder straps were designed to help you carry your load without straining your muscles.

Choose From Three Great Colors

Each item in our new Women’s Fit Collection is available in three stylish designs. Choose the one that best matches your own personality and sense of style. A softly striped pattern with brown accents makes our cheery peach color option perfect for summer. Our whimsical design features bright bursts of color on a black background with a fuchsia border. Stone is a soft, serene blue with gray borders; its low-key, tranquil color scheme virtually radiates peace and relaxation. Whichever color you choose, your new bag from our Women’s Fit Collection will give you a head start on finding your balance.